Friday, August 21, 2009


I can't believe it's already over. Parting is such sweet, sweet sorrow...

8-21-09 1

You're probably thinking "Whaaaaa...?!?!?! Summer ain't over!" Yes, Labor Day is still 2 weeks away, but when you live 4 miles down the road from one of the largest universities in the country, summer is over today. That's right, over the next 3 days, about 30,000 (no joke) eager-eyed college students will be infiltrating our lovely little town. Don't get me wrong, I love it here and I'm sure I wouldn't feel that way if the university wasn't here. But, oh, the summers. When everyone has cleared out and it's so peaceful ... you just can't beat it.

8-21-09 2

And this weekend's only the beginning of it. In 2 short weeks, our town will be invaded once again. But this time by 100,000+++ hard-core football fans. That will continue EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND in September and then several others throughout the fall.

So, yes ... summer is over.

8-21-09 3

I've got nowhere to go today really. Traffic is atrocious and the stores are even worse. Fun fact: during this week, our local Wal-Mart is the highest-grossing in the nation. Whaaa..??

Anyway, on with the threads. I actually just got dressed about an hour ago. Yes, that would be 5pm. I was busy making calls and doing computer work all day. And technically, Friday is my day off.

I picked up this sweet little number at Ross in the beginning of the summer for only $7, because the zipper was broken. No biggie. I finally fished it out of the notorious to-be-altered pile and fixed the issue, adding a red zipper. I even left it mostly exposed for some added interest.

8-21-09 5

Continuing my love affair with the oxford, I threw one over the dress, because seriously, where am I going to go where I need to be in full on body-hugging leopard. The shirt makes it a little Pretty Woman, no? It's sort of that "I need to borrow your shirt for my morning commute home" kind of sex-pot look. Otherwise known as the walk of shame, I guess.

8-21-09 4

But in this town, that's perfect.


  1. That dress is seriously amazing, and I really like the oxford over it.
    Living in a college town as well, I know EXACTLY what you mean about summer being over. Traffic tripples and the grocery store has droves of young males carrying BudLight to the counter. But I actually like the energy and excitement that comes with it, because it takes me back to my own undergrad days....

  2. The red zipper is the BEST part!

  3. So glad you replaced it with a red zipper. The visual contrast is poppin'! :0)

  4. I used to live in a college town, too, and had the exact same feeling about summer ending. It wasn't so much about the weather as the drunk 19-year-olds coming back.

    On another note, I adore the "walk-o-shame" look! Though it doesn't seem very shameful on you, just awesome.

  5. The first thing I thought, before I read your post, was that zipper is so sexy :) Nice design change!

  6. My eyes are burning from all the HOTNESS! Seriously thats one sexed up dress. I'm sure your husband loved it!

  7. cute blog.

    i kno i suck at leaving a first comment on i blog i've just saw but my comments get better.... i promise

    love ur bloggio


  8. Great dress!!! I always forget about Ross- sometimes things are CHEAPER than used!!! I love the red zipper- that takes that dress to a whole other level. I'm still looking for an oxford shirt for myself-inspired by your styling, of course!!!

    For us, the end of summer is good- as we live on the road that IS the Rubicon Trail- a famous Jeep trail to Lake Tahoe. We see thousands of Jeeps, motorcycle, etc- all tourists passing through what I'm sure they believe is an uninhabited place. Fall brings peace.

  9. In my opinion it requires a lot of grace to pull off a leopard dress. And you nailed the look. not only did you wear it well, you made it look so so cool with the oxford. i love love love the red zipper.....

  10. Are you by Penn State? If so, I may be one invading your town on a Saturday for football games lol.

    I love this dress! I want your confidence-badly!