Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm home to grab a quick lunch before heading back to work. I've picked up a couple extra meetings today, which makes for a long day.

In the spirit of comfort, comfort, comfort, I threw on my DIY harem-y pants ($7) with a trusty AA v-neck ($22). Wrapped it all up in my faithful obi belt (Gap, gifted - $2-$3) and threw on my favorite studded sandals (Ross, $9). Just as I was going out the door, I decided to toss on the scarf (H&M, $10) - mainly to conceal the tatas.

8-20-09 1

The pictures are a funny color today. That's why you don't take pictures at 1:30 in the afternoon. Grr...

8-20-09 2

Of course Iggy Pop was THRILLED to see me home. It was short-lived, though. He's conked out now.

8-20-09 3

See you tomorrow!


  1. You are just lovely, i love this outfit! those harem pants are soo cool, and you.rock.them. Period.

    Your puppy is so cute, i swear i would love to have a dog, but then they don't allow pets in here, boo.

    Those sandals are gorgeous! i will have to wait and see what's in for next summer, this summer i didn't get to wear any fun style of sandals, all i had was my good 'ole flip flops.

  2. How fun! Those pants really emphasize your little waste. I love both the outfit and the puppy :)

  3. Your dog is SOOOOOOOOOO cute !!!!!!
    I love this look, the scarf is my favorite.

  4. awww iggy pop! he was like "no mom, don't go back!" too cute

    i really like your pants with the waist band over them-flattering and comfortable!

  5. Love it! The scarf looks great - perfect last minute addition.

  6. I love the way you tie your scarf, actually trying to recreate it right now lol:)

  7. You have such a chic style, lovely blog and sharp pictures, wow! I enjoyed browsing through them...

    Found you thru myedit btw... =)

  8. Lovely, Kyla. I love the DIY harems, and the scarf not only covers the tatas but really pulls the whole outfit together!

    Oh, and about Wilco! I've been a fan for awhile, but your post reminded me of their awesomeness and I've been totally happily relistening. Oh, and I bought Wilco The Album, which is incredible!! So good.

  9. Wow Kyla - This is one fabulous look!

  10. Can I have your waist? I'll trade you, which sucks for you but is a total win for me. See? everyone will be happy (except for you). But then you will look at your blog stats and realize how popular you are and feel better.

  11. I absolutely love that scarf! And I'm normally not a big fan of harem pants, but I love yours.