Monday, August 3, 2009


I am COMPLETELY exhausted right now. But I had tons of fun getting there.

I started my day with a glorious run. Since my back went on the fritz, such runs are few a far between - one of the things I'm hoping will get better since quitting the sit-at-your-desk-8-hours-a-day job. How sad is it that sitting all day can injure you more than being active? It's just not natural I guess.

Then, I cleaned my house like a crazy lady. All because I dropped a roll of toilet paper on the floor the other day and was horrified at the crap that was stuck to it when I picked it up. No need to fear, though. I have exor-CIIIISED the dust!

As if that's not exciting enough (am I boring you yet?) Iggy Pop and I went on a late afternoon outing to the park with a friend and her most genius 2-year-old daughter. Seriously, this girl is too smart for her own good. The other day, she informed me that Sponge Bob Square Pants is a "tricky guy." And her reasoning for such an accusation? "He has a long tongue and long teeth." Brilliant.

8-3-09 1

I once again reworked the dress (Sears, $30) I bought for my cousin's wedding back in June. This time, I took it way casual with a new belt (thrifted, $1), wood bangles (craft store, $1 each) and flip flops. And of course, those swanky Ray-Bans. I've done this dress with edgier pieces and then put a retro spin on it with the blue oxford and red flats. For it's third wear, I went with natural colors and accessories and I'm lovin' it - it makes the funky pattern look a little more tribal.

8-3-09 2

The park was great, but super DUPER hot with no shade at all. Poor Iggy is just not built for the hot days. And being the bad puppy mommy I am, I forgot to bring water for him, so I had to gank some from the 2-year-old's sippy cup. There's a special place in heaven for people like me.

8-3-09 3

Look at that tongue! Could it be that Iggy's a "tricky guy," too?

Thanks for the pics, Stace!


  1. Both You and Iggy looks so darn cute!

    Congrats on the award! I saw it over at Sher's Fashion After Forty. Isn't she sweet she gave both of us an award.

    LOVE you!!! Say hi to "the boys."

  2. Wow...great dress! I love your belt too. You always have such great finds! Sounds like you had a nice productive day...we all need more of those. especially in the summer! And your dog is too cute :)

  3. Still looking stylish in those Ray-bans ;)

    You are having too much fun! On my home front I am sick of Sponge Bob. I'm praying that Zoey 101 will come back on the air.

  4. You look gorgeous! I love the brown/black combo and how versatile this dress is! Seriously adorable puppy too, and I laughed out loud reading about that tricky guy Spongebob :)

  5. before I saw the dog I thought you meant the REAL iggy pop
    whoops, ha
    but cute outfit

  6. I'm obsessed with belts. I love that belt. Very cool!!!! I need some bangles like that, too- I love they way they look!!

  7. Both of you look soooooooo adorable, and the belt is such a great find.

  8. i have the same ray bans! love the dress!

  9. Just found your blog - Ilove it.
    Don't forget to visit mine and see my DVF giveaway.

  10. Well, you look wonderful, as usual, and I love this dress, again. But I really wanted to come on here and tell you that it's obvious how much happier you are now, after quitting the 9-5. You spent the day cleaning the house and your writing is overflowing with superlatives and happiness. I'm so glad to see that you made this change, and I'm so excited to see where it leads you!

  11. What kind of dog is Iggy? He's adorable!

  12. i hear you about the runs and sitting for long hours at a desk. my back gets jacked up far more regularly now but i have to force myself to find other things to do in the building so that i move more. garrrrr! your pup is so cute!

  13. Beautiful dress, and Iggy is absolutely adorable!

  14. Your dog is flipping adorable. And has the best name ever! I love your blog...i think that you have amazing fashion sense...and your post always interesting. I like how you can rework any outfit. Your amazing!!

  15. I love this dress! Looks GREAT on you!