Saturday, July 25, 2009


7-24-09 pm4

We had the pleasure of going to my cousin's wedding last night at a horse farm about 2.5 hours away. Unfortunately, we had to come all the way home last night, too, since I work at 7am on Saturdays (followed promptly by nap time). So, it ended up being a jam-packed, totally exhausting 9 hours. But also a gorgeous wedding with a very, very happy bride and groom.

7-24-09 pm3

Isn't the view AMAZING?! The ceremony was originally supposed to be outside, but the weather forced it inside. Luckily, it cleared up and they were able to get some great pictures outdoors. The ceremony and reception were in a round building with a vaulted ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows lining the perimeter. It was really beautiful.

7-24-09 pm2

7-24-09 pm6

This skirt was a strapless dress with a very poorly constructed bodice that I picked up for $11 a couple weeks ago at Charlotte Russe. I hated that bodice, but fell in love with the print on the fabric, so I brought it home and started cutting. The result is a this high-waisted, floor-grazing skirt that I simply paired with a $3 tank from Target, a pair of black wedges and a little dangly eye candy for the lobes. I have had these earrings for years and still LOVE them.
I totally bailed on doing my hair, though. With the heat and the humidity, I just didn't have it in me, so I threw it back in a sloppy bun.

7-24-09 pm1

Lovely pic of the husband and I above, but the bottom picture takes the cake...

7-24-09 pm5

John's most perfect action shot. This "frozen running man" may just be the closest this guy will ever get to actual running :)


  1. Scrolling down I was trying to read as fast as possible so I could figure out where you got the fantasic skirt.... way to turn a meh dress into a hell yeah skirt!!!!! SSSOOOOOOOOO pretty!!!!

  2. What a beautiful skirt! love it! you looked gorgeous and the view of that farm is absolute awesomeness!

  3. That skirt is mighty fabulous, Kyla! The pattern turns a simple outfit into such a gorgeous ensemble...and what a view! Living in the city I totally miss country living...

  4. Gorgeous, dawwwling! You're one creative lady.

  5. the print is so amazing. Whats the fabric like? Isn't DIY amazing? Sometimes they have the ugliest shiz out there with the most amazing prints. A+!

  6. The print on that skirt is just gorgeous. Way to be creative and make a dress that didn't work into a skirt that rocks. And that beautiful scenery makes for some amazing pictures.

  7. Love that shot of Hubby! My guy would have ditched his tie the first chance he could get.

    I agree, such a pretty print. and amazing it was a maxi first. You did an awesome job!

  8. What a beautiful location! Too bad they couldn't have the ceremony outside.

  9. That skirt is super cute and a great idea too!

  10. that is such a gorgeous skirt! and look at those happy faces of two people in lurrrrrrrrrve!

  11. Beautiful and charming pics:) So love how you altered that dress too. The skirt is looks simply amazing.

  12. Love the print on the skirt! You guys look great together!