Sunday, July 26, 2009


7-24-09 1

Don't you LOVE getting unexpected gifts in the mail? Imagine my delight to find a pair of Ray-Ban New Wayfarers waiting in my mailbox Friday afternoon. They were a very lovely suprise thank-you gift from the awesome Lucky Style Spotter. Woot! Woot!

7-24-09 2

In the spirit of what my one friend has coined "Kyla Freedom Week," I cut another inch or so off of my cut-offs. I'm still not completely in love with my gams, but they're the only ones I'm getting, so I'll flaunt 'em ... around the house, anyway. I also figure that if they were any smaller, then my waist wouldn't look as little in comparison. Seriously, I can rationalize anything.
I didn't really go anywhere, but still felt pretty retro and cute in my rockin' ACDC baseball tee (TJ Maxx, $10) and freshly shorn (almost) daisy dukes. And of course, the new shades...


  1. You look awesome!!! The shorts are cool. And the Ray-bans! How freaking cool!!!

  2. Lady, you have killer legs! Rock those DDs! (and by DDs, I mean Daisy Dukes, not the other kind...)

    ...awkward silence

    Anyway, flippin' awesome shades, too!! Lucky gal!

  3. OMG....How cool are you!?! Totally RAD I tell ya, totally RAD! Your gams are fiercely sexy...the definition in those muscles!

  4. You're freakin rocking those shorts, shirts, and sunnies, you look awesome!

    Let me tell you, i am not in love with my legs either, i actually sometimes feel like they should be smaller cause i am so small, but they decided to be huge and...muscular, so oh well, at least they are strong enough that they can take me anywhere! and hey at least i have legs right? some people wish they hadn't lost theirs, so at least i should feel blessed :)

    You always look beautiful :)

  5. You are such an inspiration! As a college student experiencing the exodus of my teen years, I've been trying super hard to leave all my self-consciousness behind! Choosing to forgive yourself for not being perfect is a lot easier said than done though.
    Thank you for being such a wonderful example!
    You are so beautiful and I love reading your blog!

  6. WHAT! I WANT RAYBANS...preferably free, so can you whore yourself out so I can have em? Thanks!


    Rock those gams!

  7. So cute and so awesome that you got gifted those Wayfarers:)

  8. I also have recently been cutting off jeans as shorts and I love them. Free Ray-Bans, that would make my day, I rock a pair of lookalikes.

  9. having fun with your Ray-Bans and having fun with Photoshop LOL!

  10. Nice outfit, I also love the black&white/color effects of the pictures!)

  11. Looking hot lady! yay for free stuff!