Monday, June 1, 2009


Prepare to be inundated... there were a lot of pictures that I liked today.


It was such a beautiful day in the park...


...even if there was some weird girl there, taking pictures of herself...


She sure looks happy, though :)


It's days like today that convince me that I should be living in a climate where it gets no colder than 65F, except for 2 weeks in December / January that it snows. The weather was just perfect today!

This is the outfit that I wanted to wear last Tuesday, but the weather was too crappy. I feel so proper today. That's so not like me!

My awesome jean skirt complete with pockets (Ross, $20) with a mustard (perfect) yellow bib-front blouse (Sears, $9), a big patent belt (Ross, $7.50) and leopard heels (which are looking a little worn in the front - Macy's, $27 years ago) all combined for a perfectly polished look. I admit I wore my snakeskin flats for most of the day, but I just LOVED the way the heels looked in the pictures.

But the absolute BEST part of today's outfit is the swanky new purse. I have been wanting a classic Chanel-inspired quilted bag with a chain strap for some time. Since I will most likely never own the real thing (that wouldn't be very "blue collar" of me, now would it?) I've kept my eyes peeled for a suitable substitution. And I found it!

I went to a new (to me) thrift store the other day and snagged this baby for a whopping $1.75!

Gotta love 50% off day!


  1. I can't even begin to tell you how much I adore this outfit!! So fantastic!

  2. I love seriously everything about this! Especially that great top, and your bag-- it all works so seamlessly!

  3. God Made Me fuNkyJune 1, 2009 at 9:10 PM

    Picture perfect! without a doubt. Everything about the outfit is great. The top, the shoes and ofcourse the new bag. Lucky you to find such a cute thingie. I have recently started going to a local thrift shop pretty often ie almost every other day during my lunch hour and its so much fun to spot such gems amongst heaps of stuff.

  4. Love that blouse, and of course love the bag!!

  5. LOVE that top! I love the shade! What a great bag!!

  6. Great outfit! and great thrift store find!

  7. lovely yellow top! perfect!

  8. dude thats a perfect PERFECT purse you found wow!
    love your outfit yes! and sears for that top? dude im going!
    love the heels!

  9. I just love your blouse! And great find on a cute bag. You deserve a pat on the back for that find :)

  10. Love the outfit! Love the purse!

  11. adorable outfit and adorable doggy!! is that a shih-tzu?

  12. That's a great outfit, I love those colors. Great deals too.

    Re your post below: I love Ryan Adams music!!!

  13. The shoes tie it all together. Very sharp looking!

  14. love the purse and animal print shoes!

  15. Love love love that skirt! Such a pretty blouse too but the skirt is far and away my favorite part :)

  16. This is SO cute! And nicely done on the bag!!! I am always wondering if I should get that bag every time I step into F21 but seeing that you bought it for $1.75 makes me want to wait and scout out some thrift stores too....hahaha

  17. cute bag!

    my roomate is THRILLED with her bag!
    she won’t put it down!!!