Monday, April 27, 2009



It kind of looks like I'm chest-bumping myself in these pictures. Hehe - Photoshop is awesome:)

Anyway, this is the second outfit I had on this morning. I was all dressed and ready to go, took pictures and everything and at the last minute decided that I wasn't feeling my first outfit and frantically threw on this skirt and the sandals with the white tank I already had on. It was 90F here today, so keeping cool was key. I LOVE the hot weather, though!

The tank is a few years old (Target, $6) paired with a skirt that I bought at Sears a couple of months ago for $9 and some change. I had to take a couple of inches off the hem to make it work. (BONUS: it has pockets for snacks!)

I'm totally in love with these sandals. I did a little post-vacation spring/summer shopping when we returned last week and these sandals were one of my new purchases. They're from Target and I loved them so much (and was so desperate for black sandals) that I paid the full price. A whopping $18! Totally worth it already. If you're keeping track, this is another outfit for less than $50!

Just for kicks, this is the outfit I wussed out on:


I picked up the dress (a little voluminous, no?) at Ross last week for $10 and was thrilled to find this leather vest in thrift store in Asheville for $14. Paired with my snakeskin flats, I really liked it, but my hair was killing it for me. Incidentally, the first place I called when I got to work was the salon to schedule a hair cut for next week. I'm so tempted to chop it all off, but I think I'll refrain...for now.

And just for more kicks, Iggy Pop (my dog) went to work with me this morning and is LOVING the hot weather because he can stick his head out the window. Then, we love seeing how long he'll last once we get on the highway:


My dog is so f'n cute!

This is another super long post, so I'll save my thoughts on The Velvet Underground for tomorrow. Check out my sidebar to read about my new music experiment!


  1. I LOVE take 2!! I think the white tank tucked into the skirt is adorable...and your hair looks great with this outfit! Incidentally, I've been dying to chop all of mine off lately too. We'll see...

  2. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Your dog IS f'in cute!!!! hahahahaha both outfits are darling and I change mine ALLLLLLLL the time too lol. I think all fashion bloggers must and if they don't they are hiding it :P

  3. I bought those same sandals in white last Friday! LOVE THEM! I've barely taken them off since then! lol

  4. Your baby is sooooo cute! Anytime you want to go out, I'll watch him for you :D

    I feel both outfits work for you. Love the blue skirt and the first outfit was a combination of sweet and edgy. Just like a song, Leather and lace :)

  5. Ok I have to tell you, you have the most amazingly muscular yet sexy legs! You must be a runner! And this skirt shows them off perfectly.

    I almost bought those same sandals yeaterday, only I chickened out. I fell in love with the navy blue, but I have never worn shoes that show ALL my toes like that. I should just take the dive because you have made them look so cute!

  6. I love pockets for snacks. It is always handy to have tater tots nearby.
    Looks good!

  7. Liking both outfits. Try belting the white dress with a big belt. I think that would look good with the vest. Hopefully, it won't make the dress look too puffy. Have a great reading your blog!!!

  8. Thanks for all of the great comments! LH - that might be one of the greatest things anyone has ever said to me. I have always, ALWAYS been very self-conscience about my legs - they are very short and curvy, but you have made me appreciate them in a whole new light. Thanks!