Wednesday, April 29, 2009



After taking these pictures, I decided that the sun was a little deceiving and it wasn't quite warm enough for shorts. I ended up in a frantic craze, swapping the shorts for skinny jeans and throwing my safari jacket over it on my way out the door. It ended up being an equally as cute outfit, just a little warmer.

I bought this shirt on clearance at Old Navy ($10) last year. The shorts were bought on the same shopping trip but at JCP ($20, if that). I'm loving oranges, coppers, reds, and grays right now, so naturally, my snake skin flats were the perfect finishing touch. Easy as one, two, three (then, minus one, plus two).

Sad to say I am off yet again. Tomorrow morning I'm heading to a four-day training program to (hopefully) become a leader at a weight loss company. I've mentioned in the past that I recently lost some weight, so I will leave you with this ... me in September 2007:


Wish me luck and leave some good blogging for me to read when I get back!


  1. wow! you are totally another person, congratulations!

  2. You are freaking adorable, woman. Both before and after you lost the weight!

  3. You are my new inspiration.
    I need to lost some weight, and if you can, i also can...
    (sorry for my bad english i'm brazilian)


  4. You should do great at training. Good luck on your new position!

  5. Wow, I love that rust-colored shirt! It sounds like both outfits that you worked out today were just adorable! And good luck with training!

  6. Good Luck!!! You kicked some weight booty :) U look great!

  7. Good luck with your training! Love your red shirt!

  8. I just found your blog and i think your fashion sense is absolutely adorable and you look great! Congratulations on your weight loss, you look gorgeous both before and after! love your blog :)

  9. Aww, you look adorable before and after.
    And you what's funny? Sometimes the best outfits happen when you have to throw on unexpected pieces!