Tuesday, March 10, 2009



Well... I had to wear sneakers today. Just for the comfort - my feet were begging for sneakers. So, I had to work from the bottom up. It is almost impossible to keep sneakers looking chic and not come off as immature (in the way I used to wear them in college).

The sneakers themselves have a metallic gold stripe on them, so that helps. Instead of wearing jeans, I added lightweight wool trousers from Gap (sale, $30ish). They had a cuff when I bought them, but cuffs don't work so well on me, so they had to go. For a little bit of laid-back funk, I tied a gray Steve & Barry's button-down ($10) over an American Apparel tee with a few accessories - silver hoops (Macy's sale, $9), wood cuff (Claire's, $7) and my Respect bracelet (Macy's $5 - charity buy).

The sneakers are Saucony. I bought them in the early fall, so that I would have some nicer looking sneaks for occasions like today. They are regularly $50 at most places, but I scoured the internets until I found a better deal, which of course, I did. I ended up getting them at onlineshoes.com for $30. They must have been trying to deplete they're inventory a little, because it was completely random. I did the same thing with my Minnetonka Mocs. I saved about $15 just by doing a thorough search at all online retailers. If you've never used Froogle, you're missing out. It's Google's product search engine and will find your item from several retailers and you can see who has the lowest price. Froogle is your friend.

I look like I'm going to kick somebody's ass in that left photo, but it's just my tired look. The husband and I were up waaay too late completely engrossed in an ER marathon. Mark and Elizabeth's baby Ella OD'd on the other daughter's extasy (sp?). But, no worries, she's in the clear. Gotta love TV on DVD.


  1. I like your outfit. The popped collar and the knotting make it great! Sneaks can be dressy(enough).

  2. I think you're super adorable- I really like that you made the outfit a little sassy with the popped collar and earrings but stuck with the striped pants, which make it feel more "put-together". Another good option for grown-up sneakers are white lowtop chuck taylors- they manage to look chic somehow even with work clothes.

  3. Lauren beat me to it - I would also suggest Chuck Taylors, but in black. That being said, you look great as always!

  4. Thanks for the comments girls - I always appreciate it. I may have to add some Chucks to my closet. Whis I still had my pair from 6th grade!