Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I just couldn't stop layering this morning! Well, actually I couldn't stop layering last night when I decided what I would wear today. If I made these decisions in the morning, I would never get out of the house on time. But, I have to admit, even with three shirts on, I'm pretty darn comfortable.

My favorite long sleeve tissue weight tee from Target ($12) is layered under a chiffon, chain print blouse from NY & Co., but bought at Ross for $7. I bought it way back in August at an equestrian-inspired moment and haven't worn it until today. Then, I decided that I hate the puff-sleeves on the blouse, so they must be covered at all times. Enter sunshine cardigan (BonTon, sale $20). The jeans are SUPER stretchy, therefore SUPER easy to wear (JCPenney, sale $20) and fit nicely into my OTHER Target boots ($28).

It was definitely a "shopping in the closet" kind of day, hoping to find something great that has been long-forgotten. I managed to unearth a few goodies, but decided that I still need to do some mid-winter shopping. Hmmm ...

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  1. Love your layering! Great style. I always like when people tuck jeans into boots but I can't make myself like it on me... yet?