Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hehehehehe... I totally made myself giggle out loud last night while laying in bed, thinking about what I would blog about today. Come on. I know I've got some Bon Jovi fans out there that can completely appreciate my dorkdom.

Anyway, this is me today...

My awesome banner day yesterday took a little bit of a dip at about 2:15PM when I became the proud recipient of a cortisone shot to the hip. Not fun, kids. Especially, when you're left with the comforting words of "Put some ice on it, take ibuprofen, and it will probably feel worse before it gets better." Awesome.

So, needless to say, today is a sneaker day. And I'm totally sitting at work in yoga pants as well. Just don't tell anyone. Of course, I'm wearing a trusty AA t-shirt and this cool double-breasted grandpa cardi from Target. I think I actually paid full price for this, but I KNOW I used a gift card to make the purchase. HA!

And, in keeping with the shooting theme of things, I pulled out the revolver necklace that so often kind of creeps people out. Hmmmm ... I don't get it.

Oh, well. It's probably all for the better anyway, seeing as how it's soooooo windy today that Dorothy and Toto are probably three-quarters of the way to OZ by now. And hopefully by next week, I'll be able to painlessly sport those killer platforms I've been dying to wear! Now, I just need someplace to go...


  1. Love the necklace and the lip! Sorry about the hip... Sad I didn't mean for that to be a rhyme.

  2. No, but it made me laugh. Thanks!

  3. Where's the follow button on this blog, dude? There just isn't enough fashion in my life anymore, maybe this will help fill that gap.

    P.S. I do have this really sweet purple shirt and tie combo I wear to teach sometimes, I feel like you might give it the thumbs ups.

  4. While walking down Main Street today and the wind was whipping around me I said aloud, "Toto, we aren't in Kansas anymore". Great minds think alike. Sorry about your bum. Hopefully, you're past the worse and it will soon begin to feel better. Nice necklace and sweater. Bottoms up, my dear!

  5. Tsk, give love a bad name.