Monday, February 23, 2009




In college, I had a film professor who's number one rule for film-making was "Once, a mistake. Twice, a mistake. Three times, a motif." In the spirit of his words, I am creating my own little Monday motif with my $8.99 Sears dress. For the third Monday straight, I'm mixing it up once again. This time it's layered over a pink and white striped Gap button-down (sale, $11) and cinched with a wide Converse belt (Target, sale $5). It's finished with black HUE tights and my Payless heeled oxfords. Hmm...what can I wear it with next week? Happy Monday!

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  1. hey

    I came across your blog a few days ago and have bookmarked it as my favorites. I love the way you mix and match stuff and the best part is the way you dig up treasures from the most basic stores or should i say you turn the most basic stuff into a really cool outfit.