Thursday, January 22, 2009


I spent all day yesterday in non-matching icky sick pajamas, so today it was imperative that I feel cute yet comfy. That way I can still feel sick, but not look it. Luckily, things are heating up a little (37 degrees, woohoo!), so bitter cold was not the number one factor in wardrobe selection.

The long-sleeve tissue-thin tee is from Target ($12) and the blue button-down is Bitten by SJP ($10). The skirt is a favorite. It's really comfortable and something different; bought on sale (of course) at JCPenney ($24). This is a perfect example of something that looked kind of frumpy on the hanger, but had tons of potential with just a little help. Minus 10" of length later, voila! I love the paper bag waist! And pockets!

Hue tights, Candies fringed boots from Kohl's ($27), and this super-cool necklace from Target ($12.50) were the finishing touches. Now, back to icky sick pajamas...

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