Friday, January 23, 2009


Ah, argyle. Something about it is just so nerdy, I love it. It's the perfect choice for a day like today when I'm feeling a little giddy and nerdy myself. Not only is it Friday, but it was 52 DEGREES today! Tomorrow will literally be half that, so I've got to revel in it while I can. I even got my husband to indulge my nerdery by taking this awesome photo (along with about 20 others).

There's something about the t-shirt (none other than American Apparel) and the boyfriend cardi (BonTon, sale $24) with knit pants (NY & Co. sale $30ish) and the hat (Gap, sale $9.50) that makes me feel like a back-up dancer grabbing a cup o' joe between gigs. I don't know what it is. The casual, thrown together feel? The body conscious shape? The hair shoved under the hat in a nonchalant, under-cover kind of way? The heeled cowboy boots a la Britney circa 2003? Who knows, but I like it.

Because the argyle isn't quite enough quirk for today, I wore one of my FAVORITE necklaces. I found it at Charlotte Russe for only $4. It reminds me of one of my Great Aunts who made 98 look like the new 65. She had the most eclectic collection of owls. And this was years ago. Apparently, she was way ahead of her time. If she only knew how hip she'd be today. ( She also had a beaded curtain on the doorway of her kitchen, which has nothing to do with anything except that I think it's pretty hip, too.)

There's nothing like a funny-feeling-Friday to kick off a great weekend. Enjoy it!


  1. LOL "a cup o' joe" You look "Darling." It was almost as warm in NY today. Next time I see you remind me about the owl necklaces, I might have another "cool" one. I may have a mood ring you may like also or did I give you that already???

  2. Oops. My profile was a link to an old one apparently, and it wasn't the comment I was trying to delete! OK trying again.

    I just caught up on several posts in a row, which was fun! I loved the closet post too, and I second the vote on your pot holder idea as ridiculously clever. Wish my closet looked like that!