Thursday, July 8, 2010


7-6-10 4

Ooooooh, doggy!  It's h-o-t this week!  And to make things even more sweltering, some poor schmoes from the paving company are repaving our condo complex this week.  I just walked by some fresh tar and I could hear it sizzling!

7-6-10 3
7-6-10 2

Tuesday's outfit was a little live and learn lesson for me.  I love the combination of patterns.  Hate the length of the tank.  I woke up in a wicked, uninspired mood that day.  Ugh, I hate those days.  Either way, it was damn hot, and I just needed to keep cool.  And somewhat work appropriate.

Stay cool, kids.  Stay cool.

7-6-10 1
Tank: Target, $5 - Pants: B Green Loft, $8 - Shoes: Target, $15


  1. This is funny. Have you seen Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief? My sweetie and I rented it a couple of nights ago. I thought that was the reference of your post title!

    It's quite fun if you haven't seen it and you're looking for a good rental.

  2. I'm digging those shoes! And growing increasingly happy it's raining too much here to get sweltering.

  3. The length doesn't seem bad at all. That being said, I know the feeling when something just doesn't sit where I want it. Love the print mix. And yes, it's hot over here too. Blah! I try to keep remembering what it was like not so long ago. But it's hard when faces are melting.

  4. I really like the stripes and pattern together! And the colour of the pants is awesome =).

  5. Wouldn't you be hot in that outfit??

  6. Love the "leaning into the camera" shot. So cute!! I read your blog "religiously," just so you know. Great inspirations for everyday-girls. THANKS!

  7. oh boy, do I relate! Sooooo HOT here too :(

    Great patten mixing, and I like the shoes!