Monday, June 14, 2010


Here's to a productive week!  Especially after such a glorious weekend!

1.  I pretty much lost John to the World Cup all weekend.  Don't get me wrong, I love soccer.  (After all, I'd probably still try to play if it weren't for the perpetual fear of blowing out a knee.)  But I looooove sunshine, and wasn't nothing keeping me inside on such a lovely day!  So, a friend and I escaped away for a few hours to a wooded lake with a beach.  It was perfect!  And I got to spend some more time with this guy:

2.  I went thrifting Saturday night.  I know ... I'm a load of fun.  Anyway, when I went up to the counter to pay, the woman in front of me insisted on paying for my things.  I tried to refuse, but she wasn't having it.  She said it would make her mother proud.  Of course, I'm such a cynic that I immediately think there's some sort of ulterior motive.  Or maybe I looked like I needed the help.  Granted, I wasn't wearing any make-up, but come on!  Nope.  None of that.  I guess she just wanted to send a kind ripple out into the universe.  And it worked, because I immediately felt the urge to go out and do something nice for someone else.  So, wherever you are, Sarah ... thank you.

3.  I rediscovered my undying love for Buffy this weekend.  LOGO was showing a fan favorite marathon, so it was all of the very best episodes.  God, I love that show!

4.  I just signed John and I up for a recreational volleyball group, starting tomorrow night!  I can't wait.  Hope you're excited, babe!

5.  I've finally saved up enough money for a dslr!!!  I'm most positive that I'm going to stick with a Canon, and I'm leaning toward the Rebel XS.  Any thoughts?


  1. fyi: netflix has the ENTIRE Buffy series on their instant play right now. i'm re-obsessed...and on season 5. hahaha!

  2. I too lost my husband for a majority of the weekend to the World Cup. In all fairness he did warn me ahead of time that he was going to be focused on only the World Cup for a month.

    I sooo watched all the Buffy episodes this weekend too. I even DVR'd a few that I needed to have. I forgot how much I loved that show until now.

  3. That horn sound was playing in my house all weekend too!

    Somehow I never watched Buffy, but I may have to take it up now that everything else I watch is done for the season. I just love watching a series straight through!

  4. Still. Love. Buffy.

    Did you at least see the US/England game? Or Argentina/Nigeria? Or Germany/Australia? I would pretty much put money on it right now that Argentina and Germany are going to be in the final together. If that's a permutation that is possible.

  5. You haven't been using a DSLR? What kind of camera do you use? Your photos are all awesome!

  6. I love Buffy too!! the best episodes are the ones with Spike.

    I got a rebel xsi for Christmas and I love it. granted I still haven't completely figured out how to use it to the best of its abilities, but that's my laziness, not the camera! I've been told by a lot of more experienced friends that it's a great quality camera to start off with. that's all I know!

    the new ones take HD video though, I believe! cool.

  7. That's amazing that Sarah decided to pay for your stuff. Kharma will come back around to her!

  8. Wow, that was so kind and generous of Sarah! What a lovely thing to do for a stranger.

    Buffy! My bf gifted me the box set a couple of years ago and rekindled my love affair with the show. So much fun!

    Can't wait to see the photos you take when you get that new camera. :D

  9. I took a Digital Photography class and the Nikon was tied with the Canon (opinion of the instructor and others in the class who knew more than me.) Both took fantastic was all about the features. Is there a store near you that you could check out both? Oh, happy days - finally a dslr!!!! Good for you!

  10. That's awesome but I think I would have had the same reaction, LOL. Can't wait to see what you got!

  11. Awww, I meant to try to DVR the Buffy fan fave marathon. I saw it was coming in June back when they were hyping it in May. Sad to have missed it!

    I'm also saving for a DSLR. Thanks so some birthday money, I'm almost there!

  12. Oh thrifting. I would love to go on a Saturday night. I haven't been in awhile.

    Maybe Sarah is a reader who just wanted to contribute to more Blue Collar postings. Either way, what an awesome store. I love when stuff like that happens.

  13. OMgee i've been watching buffy on netflix...they have all the seasons

  14. I LOVE love LOVE Buffy. I own all the DVDs. There's a book store in my area that has about half a dozen book clubs, including a Buffy discussion group (I know, Buffy is not a book). I've debated going, but I didn't discover the discussion group until Buffy had been off the air for 3 or more years, so I'm not sure about going. Anyway, I love the show. Absolutely love it. There's not a single episode (even the bad ones) that I haven't seen at least 3 times. And the last season lowers my average. Some of the episodes I've watched 15-20 times each or more.

    I just realized this weekend that as much as I love that show, it's probably been at least 2 years since I've seen an episode. I don't have cable anymore, and I haven't really been motivated to pull out my dvds. That will have to change soon, I think.