Monday, June 7, 2010


Oh, Monday, Monday...

1.  In case you were curious, running 7 miles on a lovely 70° partly sunny day is far, FAR easier than 6 miles on a 80°+, humid, blazing hot sunny day that shall be known as last Monday.  I think today marks my longest run ever.  EVER!  Granted, I haven't been running very long and there was a good year of nursing a hip/back thing in the middle there, but I officially feel like I'm back, baby!

Then, I came home and made myself this:


No worries - there's nothing there that's going to erase my workout.  Those pancakes are made with the Fiber One mix, which is so not bad for you at all.  And once you finally learn how to make pancakes (i.e., learn how to have patience and not fill your house with smoke), they are oh so yummy.

2.  Yesterday was pretty much a 10.  One of my best friends and I (and her completely adorable almost one-year old) went hiking and then to the pool.  Here's some lovely pics from our day.  I love the baby's little monkey toe - so cute!

monkey grab
view 1
view 2

Sorry ... no pictures from the pool :)

3.  Saturday marked 6 years since John and I tied the know.  We intentionally got married on 06-05-04, because then it's really easy to remember.  We didn't do too much to celebrate, but did spend the day together and ate some yummy Mexican food.  What I did not do is gather photos of our wedding to share with you.  Sorry, I'm lame.

4.  Tonight = Trivia.  I'm ready to DESTROY!  (haha - I can't even type that with a straight face.  John's the trivia whiz on this team.  I just go to make it look pretty.)

6.  I'm in serious need of some summer inspiration.  My wardrobe is a little all over the place and could benefit greatly from some fine-tuning.  Soon enough, grasshopper.  Soon enough...


  1. Your breakfast looks so delicious. I love pancakes!SarahD

  2. looks like fun! and those pancakes look delish.

  3. Wow 6 years. Congrats!! That's such a cool wedding date.

    I love the views from that hike. I'm going camping this weekend, so I'm excited to get some lovely outdoors views too.

  4. Love that monkey toe too... reminds me of myself xD anyway... if you're looking for some inspiration just watch to old movies, re-invent the looks of the characters you like the most... just a comment ;)

    BTW I just opened my very first fashion blog and I’d LOVE to se what you think about it… Wanna check?

  5. Congratulations on six years!! That's wonderful :-)

    Your breakfast looks fantastic, and go you on the long run!

    And I hope you had a great time at trivia! It's been too long since I've done any, and I miss it!!

  6. Congratulations on six years dear! I Your breakfast looks so delicious ;)

  7. 7 miles! Go you! I don't think I've ever run that much either, since I tap out at 10k. You are going to rock yours! I'm kind of excited about getting up to the 10-miler mark for my half.

    Happy belated anniversary. Hope you guys had a good one!

  8. 7 miles and 6 years... wow! Would love to see some wedding photos!

  9. I'm back down to 3-4 four miles. It's so hard to run when you have kids and always have to depend on someone else to watch them for you. So,, run, RUN!!! Sounds like a good day. I'm finally making good pancakes after THIRTEEN YEARS of marriage, so, you're way ahead of me- in many ways!!!

  10. 6 years! Well done :)
    How'd the trivia night go? There's one on next week but I doubt I'll be able to get David to come along.. Haha