Wednesday, June 16, 2010


6-15-10 1
6-15-10 2

This was the second ensemble yesterday.  The first was a really cute sleeveless cargo dress.  Unfortunately, once I got outside, I decided it was a bit too chilly for no sleeves.  So, I went home and changed. Of course the mercury rose rather quickly, so by the end of the day, I may have been a bit gamey.  But really, what's new?

Thank you guys so much for your comments yesterday.  I always love, love your comments, but yesterday, well, yesterday was just reeeeeaaaal nice.  Okay, bottom line?  You said nice things about my legs and that's just the quickest way to my heart, ya'll.  You're the best!

The A/C unit is working like a charm.  It was actually a belated anniversary gift for John.  He and heat have a relationship quite similar to that of the wicked witch of the west and water.  Yep.  Sometimes, they even sound alike.  So, when I suggested we sign up for outdoor volleyball, he was a little less enthused as I was.  He was okay with the volleyball part.  Not so much the outside part.  Since I wasn't letting him off the hook, I decided to offset the potential heat risks of outdoor sports in the summer with a new A/C in the bedroom.  I didn't tell him I was doing it and just left a note for him when he got home.  I got a text saying something about "best wife ever."  Yeah, I know.

6-15-10 3

On a completely unrelated note, I'm thinking about growing out my bangs.  I'm way to lazy to blow dry and style them in the summer months and may be ready for a change.  I've been sporting the fringe for a good 5 years now.  I wore my hair straight on Monday as a test run for the no bangs with straight hair.  I definitely need a bit of a trim and some blending would probably be a good thing.  I see a long overdue hair appointment in my future.

6-15-10 4
6-15-10 5
Blazer: JCP, $25 - Necklace: BonTon, $6 - Tank: Target, $6 - Cargos: Charlotte Russe, $15 - Shoes: Ross, $9

And I'm still taking questions for my Q & A post, so feel free to submit yours here.  I'm going to start compiling the answers over the weekend.  Love!


  1. Fantastic outfit and a fantastic post too. I felt like I was catching up with a friend :)

  2. Boy have I missed checking out your blog every day. Darn holidays :D I love where everything sits on you in this outfit. You look so good. Especially with the pop of red in the glasses, and no one pulls a blazer off like you. I'm actually liking the no bang look - but let's be honest, you look great all the time. Something about all that confidence oozing out of you :)

    It's contagious.

  3. This is a great look that I may have to steal soon. I've been growing out my bangs for months. It's a real pain in the ass!

  4. I love this, the pop of red is such aan understated punch of color, but perfect. You're really good at making a statement without going overboard on accessories...does that make sense?

    thank you so much for your words of encouragement, I really appreciate the support and I'm glad other people have had the same job experience!

  5. you look really cool today! i've decided to start growing out my bangs recently aswell.. here comes an awkward 6 months trying to style it nicely while they grow! haha

  6. Polished, but casual. Perfect just like you!

    I so need a black blazer in my closet.

    I love when you write posts about your hubby and his ways. Its to cute.

  7. Thanks, girls!

    Sabrina - A black blazer is such a wardrobe essential. I didn't own one myself until last season and now I don't know what I did without it!

  8. I just love those pants! Great look

  9. I love this outfit! First thing I thought was "She is so badass and stylish" I also just love how true to your own self and style you are. It's awesome!

  10. Love this look. It's so polished.

    Yeah, I'm growing out my bangs too. I always get bored and cut them, but now I want them to be grown out.

  11. gosh, sorry to burst your bubble but..


  12. I actually really like your bangs tucked aside like that, straightened!
    O growing out bangs...I try, I try, but every time I get to a certain length, I cave and trim em up.
    I may be banged forever.

  13. Oh my gosh, I want to steal this outfit whole cloth! Amazing!

  14. Love this outfit!

    I'm in the process of growing out my bangs for the summer as well. I normally have straight across, very blunt fringe so it has been quite the task to grow them out. I'm really trying to stick with it though! You can only be so inventive in disguising the grow out look, you know? Ugh. :)

  15. I love your sandals *_*
    Beautiful outfit


  16. Favorite outfit this summer!!! Tres chic, missy. Tres chic!

  17. Damn, beautiful, this is fantastic. The red shades make it utterly perfect.

  18. This is by far one of my favorite looks that you've worn! The glasses, the hair, the pants with the jacket - I love it all!

    I'm so glad I found your blog (over a year ago now, I think)! It is one of my top daily reads. :D

  19. Thank you, origami! You are too sweet!