Thursday, May 13, 2010


5-13-10 1

Today, I'm going to send a little love out to my proportions.  I love that my body is pretty evenly built from head to toe.  It's been a variety of sizes over the years, yet no one part has ever swelled beyond the others.

5-13-10 2

Being evenly proportioned makes dressing pretty easy.  Even at 5'3", I find that I can wear a lot of different shapes - something I've been experimenting with a lot more this year.  As long as I go with my curves, highlighting my waist and paying attention to hemlines, then I know it will work.

5-13-10 3

These pants are the perfect example.  They're pretty much the ugliest pants you'd want to wear, but I love that kind of so-ugly-its-almost-cool vibe they have going for them when paired down with a tee and blazer.  And as long as they sit on my waist and hit at my ankles, all is good.

Apparently, Iggy Pop is also a fan of proportions:

5-13-10 4
5-13-10 5
5-13-10 6
5-13-10 7
5-13-10 8
5-13-10 9

What feature will it be tomorrow?  Tune in and see!

5-13-10 10
Jacket: JCP, $25 - Tee: AA, c/o Buffalo Exchange - Pants: Thrifted, $6 - Shoes: Madden Girl, $23



  1. i'm on the same boat - hemlines and a nipped waistline are the key things i need to keep in mind.

    annnd, sort of unrelated, but our pups look pretty similar (minus the hair color)! mine should have a beard, but we keep him clipped short due to the heat.

  2. These pictures of you and Iggy are just adorable! I really love how you've played with fun shapes and silhouettes so much in the past few months!

  3. Cuuuuuute puppy!!

    And I love the idea of "so ugly it's cool," although I wouldn't have described your pants that way had you not mentioned it :-)

  4. I think its wonderful how you feel so comfortable with your body. It took me a while, but I am also comfortable with my body no matter its size. Congrats to you!

    Oh, and your dog is adooorable as usual!

  5. a) Iggy is such a cutie patootie! At first glance, I thought he was wearing a sombrero in that first picture :)
    b) I LOVE this outfit-- especially those pants! I didn't even think of them as 'so-ugly-they're-almost-cool' until you mentioned it-- I just thought they were cool! Just goes to show that when you put together a great outfit, all the pieces work together seamlessly without any odd ducks sticking out
    c) Love those last pictures of you & your pup-- precious!

  6. so cute! and i have that same stool in my kitchen!!!

  7. You look casual chic as usual. Love the messy bun!

  8. Iggy has never been cuter.

    And I envy you a figure that stays proportional! How great to be so flexible in fitting your bod. (Also envy how amazing you look in pants, but I think I've mentioned that about 98 times already.)

  9. Intelligent ToolMay 13, 2010 at 1:11 PM

    i dunno how you do it, but those are ugly and you manage to look gorgeous. ha! i could never wear those. you rock em!

  10. I need to get home and hug my puppy. Iggy is such a hammy ham!

  11. Those photos of you and Iggy are so cute!

  12. You are so cute with your dog!

    I also have been admiring how you can wear so many things. I know your secret now, it is all about proportions. Proportions rock! I am a math teacher you know.

    I have also been lucky to keep my proportions over the years.

  13. I love the photos of you and Iggy! :)

  14. Such cute pictures! And again with the hair, sister, it's looking gorgeous.

  15. Aww! I don't know what's cuter--your look or your puppy! Adore everything.

  16. I love the outfit but I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE your hair in this look. Seriously, I don't know that it's ever looked better! And yay for strong, confident women who love their bodies!

  17. Good gravy I love those pants! And the series of pics with Iggy? Too cute!

  18. That is the cutest puppy ever, and I agree with the consensus about the fabulousness of your hair!

  19. This is so chic! I love it! And that pic of you and Iggy is just so PRECIOUS! I love furbabies! K, I've used my allotted number of exclamation points in this post so I'm done...