Monday, May 24, 2010


5-24-10 1

After such a banner morning, I decided to just take it easy today and get caught up on a few internet-y things.  If you didn't notice, yet, I updated Blue Collar Closet with a few items, so be sure to check it out.

5-24-10 2

I also went to the supermarket.  Which I hate.  With a passion.  As I was leaving in my car and cussing out some lady who was driving like a jerk in the parking lot, immediately followed by bitching at some old dude in a Beamer not paying attention, because he was ON HIS PHONE, I realized how sad it is that I am completely incapable of going anywhere near the supermarket without having some sort of raging conniption.  What is my deal?  I swear, I'm generally a rather nice and sweet person.  Geez...

5-24-10 3

Speaking of things that irk me, there's a fly in our house.  He's been living with us for about 3 days now.  How can one little fly be so dang annoying?

5-24-10 4

And to round out what shall now be referred to as "The Post of Non Sequiturs," I let John cut my hair this weekend.  You should have seen the look on his face when I asked him to do it.  Nervous doesn't even begin to describe it.  Terrified, maybe.  I have no qualms when it comes to taking scissors to things.  John, on the other hand, gets scared to death that he's going to seriously eff something up.  I guess I just don't think about that being a viable outcome for me.  Though, we all know I've effed up my fair share of things.  Anyway, I just combed it straight while it was wet and told him to cut a straight line.  He did a pretty good job!  Even if 1/2" did turn into more like 1 and 1/2".  I was desperate.

5-24-10 5
Jacket: vintage. mom's - Shirt: clothing swap - Belt: Ross, $4 - Pants: Thrifted, $6 - Shoes: Ross, $11ish


  1. my John cuts my hair all the time. that's a perfect job for husbands!

  2. Love this entire outfit! From the hoop earrings to the belt and the sunglasses.SarahD

  3. I just love those pants! great look, so summery

  4. I just love this outfit on you. It fits your figure so well! And you must wear that high pony tail more often, really is too cute on you!

  5. your hair looks great pulled back like that!
    lol - i had my husband cut my hair last month. He was so scared/worried/traumatized throughout the entire process. I had to tell him about 5 times througout the 6 min. haircut - it's gonna be ok -it's just hair, it'll grow back if anything happens.
    ~ our dudes rock!

  6. Your ponytail photos are so wonderful!!! I love the striped shirt, too.

  7. I love the supermarket! It's the people that make it stink. I've always had a supermarket "thing". When I was a wee child, my mom would hang out at the deli with her deli-lady friends, and I'd get the family groceries for the week. Maybe it's a Pisces thing. Have you ever been to Whole Foods? That place is a veritable beacon of supermarket awesomeness. When the ol' hubbilies and I went to North Carolina last year, I had the pleasure of going to Trader Joe's. I've never been the same since. So many cracker varieties! Yet another reason to hate living in Miami: No Trader Joe's. Boo, South Florida! Boo, I say.

    By the way, awesome pants. You need to go find yourself a cabana.



    P.S.-My first comment was erased, but I think that comment 2.0 is 10% wittier/funnier. Yay, me!

  8. You are so brave to let your husband near your hair with a scissors. This is such a great casual chic outfit, too- love the super high ponytail.

  9. GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! You are so brave. I am so glad the hair came out ok. Just reading about a home haircut gives me palpitations!

  10. I love the way you wear your belts!

  11. ClosetConfectionsMay 24, 2010 at 7:07 PM

    love the way you tied your belt. also, i've tried getting my husband to cut my hair on numerous occasions, but he's too terrified. kudos for making that happen!

  12. Absolutely love the jacket!!!

  13. Dude. Sunglasses. Those are rad.

  14. Internet. Geez. Thrifted.
    Any particular relevance to those highlighted words? Maybe a clue to your really, really exciting thing that you can't share yet?
    Maybe I've been reading too many old school detective novels.
    Nonsense, there can never be too many.

    Love the look. Especially the belt and top.

  15. Go John! I have only worked up the courage to trim my bangs myself, I dunno if I could let David cut my hair - although he is my colourist :D

    I love that jacket. You look so carefree here. Oh Kyla, why can't I raid your wardrobe? :D

  16. Love how you tied the belt!
    Going to the supermarket is not my favourite activity either, so many annoying people getting in my way!

  17. Khaki and denim, the best. Your hair looks great and I love the posses.

  18. Love this outfit, and your hair looks so good. You can really pull off that slick pony tail look.