Thursday, May 20, 2010


5-20-10 1

Today started with me putting on my underwear and then looking in the mirror to realize they were inside-out.  Oy. 

Anyway, I've been waiting for over a week to wear this outfit!  I didn't want to waste it on a cold rainy day, and finally, today was perfect - 80 and sunshine!

5-20 -10 3
5-20-10 2

I picked up these two pieces at a clothing resale shop when I went to visit my mom last week.  At first, I just thought, "Ooh, crazy pants!  Ooh, stripey shirt!"  and never intended to pair them together.  Until ... I got into the dressing room and inadvertently hung them on the same hook.  The skies opened up, and angels sang ... it was a match made in heaven!

5-20-10 4
5-20-10 5
5-20-10 6

Ya'll, I did a russian (um, toe touch jump) off of this curb.  I haven't done one in probably 10 years (former cheerleader), and John said it was the most ridiculous thing he's ever seen me do.  I surprised myself a little (because it was pretty darn good) and am a little bummed that the camera only caught my take-off and landing.  I wasn't going to risk it again.  I'm hoping I don't regret that one tomorrow!

5-20-10 7
5-20-10 8
Shirt, Pants: B Green Loft, $5 and $8 - Belt: vintage, inherited - Shoes:, $40ish


  1. I'ma just gonna come to wear you are and you can take me thrifting Kyla. Honestly - I would never look twice at half the pieces you pick up (if I actually HAD a chance to go to a second hand shop) but everything you wear + your confidence + your rockin bod = WIN!

    LOVE the subtle mix of prints and those colours together - hello fabulous!

  2. I love that moment angel moment. I've got a couple of those waiting in my wardrobe for the right time...

    Also I really like that belt with that shirt.

  3. Another former cheerleader, I am prone to spontaneous high kicks.... My big risk was that I tried a flip off the diving board after my last one occurring (cough20) years ago :)

  4. You make me swoon with your styling risks. Seriously. I really admire how you mix patterns and colors and try different shapes and proportions...everything looks slightly off kilter but someone still absolutely fabulous and YOU. Get it, girl.

  5. Ach, just love this, Kyla. Such a fun, unexpected combination of pieces.

  6. This is fab. I think that you in this outfit and me in my outfit form my current post would look AWESOME skipping down the street together singing Duran Duran songs! This is, perhaps a weird and random thought but whatever :)

  7. wonderful pairing! Kind of a beachy circus feel going on :o)

  8. LOVE the two of these together!

  9. top&pants look amazing together! perfect combo!

  10. You know what I like best about your blog...besides of course, your adorable that I know I can always count on your posts to make me smile. :)

    You look adorable!!


  11. I really like how you've style the top. I never think to change up HOW something can be worn- you are a constant reminder and source of inspiration to me to try something new.

  12. Brilliant! Love these pieces together!

  13. Oh man, I LOVE this mix of prints! You are way too cool :)

  14. That tunic is FABULOUS with those red pants! You look awesome.

  15. ooh I like this combo--color, pattern, shape. the collar of shirt is giving me a little laverne and shirley vibe, but in a totally modern way!