Thursday, May 27, 2010


5-27-10 1

This vintage silk shirt is so comfy for a hot day.  Every time I put it on, it immediately reminds me of a big top or one of those vintage beach umbrellas.  Then, I just want to go to the beach!

5-27-10 2
5-27-10 3

Today was a really exciting day, but I'm glad it's done!  Work was a bit more stressful than usual, but that's not the exciting part.  The exciting big BIG news is that ...

5-27-10 4

John is officially a business owner!  He's worked at one of the most amazing comic book stores (oops!  they need to update their website, now!) for the past 10 years, and today, he can proudly call it his own.  The last few weeks have been pretty stressful, but now it's all done!  It's kind of surreal, because we've been talking about it for years.  I'm so proud of him!  And excited for us!

So, if you have any comic book or graphic novel needs, you know where to go!

5-27-10 5
5-27-10 6
Shirt: B Green Loft, $5 - Pants: Thrifted, $.30 - Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction, $40ish


  1. i love the striped top--so cool and summery. big congrats to your john--that is AMAZING!
    (and p.s. i love the way you've been wearing your hair lately)

  2. this is such a Parisian look. You look fabulous. What a great top!

  3. adorable! love the striped shirt with those red lips. nice. love your blog btw. Congrats on the new business :)

  4. Congratulations! And consumer debt free too! You guys must be over the moon.
    I love your hair in that last picture. And they sure are some great sunglasses.

  5. Lovely top. Looks like you might be strolling through Saint Tropez! :-)

  6. Congrats to you & John!! How thrilling! My husband is a huuuuge comic book fan- we live among stacks of narrow white boxes and mylar.

    This is such a beachy look! You look great.

  7. OMG--that ROCKS!!! congrats! can't wait to tell the hubby...he'll be so jealous! we definitely need to make a trip down to s.c. to check out the shop. we'll bring the twins along so they can play with iggy! ;)

  8. Oh my gosh, congrats to John (and you, of course!)!! That is such exciting news!

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    Love, Cindy.

  10. Summery and fresh! This outfit is both comfortable and polished - love it!

  11. Cute outfit, and CONGRATS to John!!! I'm so happy for you guys!

  12. You're really rocking the cropped top! Love these stripes and how flattering the cut of the shirt is with the pants. And the sunglasses are rad, of course.

  13. I love how classic and cool this is, definitely something I would wear myself!

    also, is it me or has your hair suddenly become super long?!