Wednesday, April 14, 2010


4-14-10 1

That's what John said when I came down the stairs this morning.  Love it when that happens.  And super cool I felt indeed!  After work, I even drove around with my hipster glasses on, listening to some hipster music.  Which is funny, because I usually make fun of hipsters ...

4-14-10 2

Yeah, I know ... it's "the pants" again.  But I LOVE them. so. much.  At least I've managed to change it up every time.  Hmmm ... I smell a Three for Thursday coming on ...

Did you notice my new bag in yesterday's post?  And did you notice that it was only $6?  Score!  I love a droopy light-colored bag for spring and summer.  I also picked up this little knit jacket over the weekend.  It's perfectly cropped and fitted to wear over tanks tops in the air-conditioning this summer - my kind of alternative to a cardigan.  I went to a house-warming party this past weekend and friend was wearing the exact same jacket - OH, THE HORROR!  I'm totally kidding - it was actually really cool to see how different it looked on each of us.  Mine was worn open over a tee and my long plaid skirt.  Hers was worn closed over a tank and skinny jeans.  One great jacket - two stellar looks!

4-14-10 3
4-14-10 5

Anyway, today was a good day.  No reason in particular ... it was just one of those days where I was surrounded by inspiring people and full of creativity and gumption.  Mmm ... love those days ...

4-14-10 6
Knit Jacket: Ross, $9 - Tank: Target, $2 - Pants: Thrifted, $6 - Belt: Thrifted, $1 - Sandals: Ross, $9 - Bag: Target, $6


  1. Love the glasses with the plait. It's so very now!

  2. That IS a super cool outfit! I love how those pants look with the belt.

    p.s. did you get my email? :)

  3. This is super cool! I love the look. You do look hipster but not overly so. :) Your hair is getting so long!

  4. Looks great!! I am loving the glasses on you! I really like it when my guy likes my outfits too :)

  5. I totally make fun of hipsters, yet I love my hipster glasses and music. Haha.

    I also love this outfit. Super smart and chic.

  6. I am so jealous of the good weather you're getting over there. I bought some shoes very similar to those ones yesterday, now I just need the warm weather to be able to wear them!

  7. kyla, i am so in love with these pants. i have been scouring the racks of my local favorite shops, but with no luck. alas, if you ever come across this pair's counterpart let me know.


  8. I am pretty much a hipster even though I won't admit it. This outfit is simple and interesting all at one. Thats not as easy as t sounds! Good work :)

  9. I <3 the comments about hipsters. Whenever I go into Philadelphia, I loathe seeing them. My boyfriend and I joke about it all of the time. Luckily I live outside of Philly, and they aren't out much in the burbs....

  10. I need to try out the side braid...I think my hair is finally long enough to do it! And I have been on the lookout for sandals like the ones your wearing for weeks. Maybe TJ Maxx might have some...

  11. So hipster, but so fabulous! Love the look! :)