Tuesday, April 13, 2010


4-13-10 1

Yesterday's outfit photos started out just the same as any other day - me, the digs and Iggy's butt.  Then, all hell broke loose.  Iggy rarely runs off of the deck, but nothing gets him all riled up more than the spring weather and the bark of a dog 10 times his size - both of which were happening.  I doubt he would've gone anywhere, but I had to take care of business stat and send him back in the house.  And of course, all this craziness produced a pretty hysterical series of photos:

4-13-10 2
4-13-10 3
4-13-10 4
4-13-10 5

I look like such a mean mommy, huh?  It was for his own good, though.

4-13-10 6

Aaaand, back to the outfit.  This scarf was a Christmas gift from a friend, and the colors are just perfect for spring!  Especially with these new sandals I picked up over the weekend.  Have you noticed that I'm a huge fan of t-straps in the summer?  What can I say?  My feet are rather fragrant in the summer (okay, in the spring, fall and winter, too), so it's best to get the "airiest" shoes possible in the months when socks are no longer in the mix.  TMI?  Sorry.

4-13-10 7

I wore a really close version of this today, too.  It was my intention to wear it for 2 hours yesterday, which I did, and then where it all day today.  Unfortunately, mother nature didn't get the memo and I was forced to wear some warmer pants and smelly shoes flats.  Oh, and a jacket.

4-13-10 8
Scarf: Gift - Tee: Gap, $11 - Bag: Target, $6 - Pants: Thrifted, 30¢ - Shoes: Target, $15


  1. You look all springy and warm, despite the fact6 that you had to change pants and into a jacket. Oh and your pictures are so funny. I'm sure all the doggy mommies out there will relate:)

  2. Oh I love this!
    Especially the way the blue on your scarf matches your shoes. I love noticing details like that in a person's outfit :)

  3. You look so ridiculously cool. And what a gorgeous scarf! The colors are divine.

  4. I love the outfit, and the pictures are hilarious! Bailey can't be trusted off leash at all due to her beagle wonderlust.

  5. Oh Kyla, I LOVE these pictures! I can just imagine you scolding poor little Iggy.

    And your spring outfit is SO springy and wonderful! The colors are perfect!

  6. hahah, loved the candid pics :D

  7. Hahaha, I seriously laughed out loud. Those are the awesomest pics! Mostly because I bet that is totally what I look like when I am scolding one of my two dogs!

    But hey, you still look stylish and cute while scolding, so good job!! Love the shades :)

  8. I absolutely LOVE this outfit - the colors are perfect with each other - and I love how you styled the scarf. AND, white sunglasses - what is better than white sunglasses in summer?

  9. It's possible that the cuteness of this post actually reaches the "unfair" level on the cute-o-meter. You and Iggy are a great photo team! And the outfit- such a great, causual look. Love the tie in of the color of the sandals and scarf. Yep, love it.

  10. This has such a tropical island resort look to it! you should be sipping cocktails under a palm tree!

  11. I love the outfit - the scarf is devine!

    Ha ha ha, the pictures made me laugh. When my bf starts to get angry or panicky with the dog he flaps his arms around and points too!!

  12. You are all set and ready to be a Mom lol!

  13. Hahaha, love the dog pics...and those shoes are too cute!

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  14. When my dogs are naughty I probably look really mean, I'd hate to see pics of that :) You look beautiful, as always!

  15. The little peek of turquoise on those sandals is marvelous with the scarf!

    And I love you telling Iggy what's what. With lots of dramatic arm gestures.

  16. Hahaha! It's scary how similar we look when scolding our little ones. I love that you posted these!

  17. Oh, I love this outfit! I wish I were in the states and could go pick up those sandals at Target right now, they look awesome!

    And the candid action shots are too cute :)


  18. LOL love it!! What a naughty puppy!! I can't count the number of times I've had a stream of photos like that due to my doggy!

  19. Beautiful scarf, Kyla! So perfect for Spring...

    Oh and p.s. these photos are adorable...they totally brought a smile to my face. :)