Thursday, March 11, 2010


3-11-10 1

I ended up in the wrong closet again this morning.  I can't help it - I love his shirts!

3-11-10 2

Especially tied over a pretty floral.  This was a very last minute concoction this morning.  I seem to be losing steam as the week draws to an end.  I woke up to work out and instead found myself back in bed.  But then I felt so guilty for wasting such a beautiful day that I did something I rarely do - I ran in the middle of the afternoon, which means I had to shower and primp all over again.

3-11-10 3

I love this picture of Iggy licking his nose!

3-11-10 4

Does anybody know what happens if you accidentally take 2 multivitamins in one day.  I couldn't remember if I took my vitamin this afternoon, so (about 10 minutes later) I took another one.  I'm still alive, so I think I'm okay.

I've been having a lot of these moments lately.  John just informed me that I forgot to turn the stove-top burner off.  And last week, I made a sandwich and about an hour later, John found the mayo on top of the fridge.  Oh, dear ...

3-11-10 5
Dress: Fred Flare, $40 - Shirt: Meatball's - Shoes: Minnetonka


  1. I love the touch of cargo! So utility chic!

  2. Kyla, I really love this. The dark tights and olive shirt downplay the girly floral. So awesome!

  3. The shirt looks great on you. His shirts look great on you so why would you want to look anywhere else? :)

  4. You look so cute with your hubby's shirt on.
    Oh and I tend to be really forgetful too. But the story about the mayo is hilarious! Once I lost a banana, so don't feel too bag. It fell in between the stove and the wall and I found it 4 days later...ewwww!

  5. I love how you used your hubs' shirt! Super cute! :)

  6. i agree - love it paired w/ the floral!

  7. I just love this look. I am a huge fan of raiding The Man's wardrobe. The masculine and feminine here work so well.

    Also, She & Him Volume 1 is a great album!

  8. The military top looks fab with that dress! So 90's, so chic right now.

  9. As long as you only took the extra multi-vitamin today, its fine, your body will just dispose of the rest. I would not recommend doing it regularly though - its not too good for your liver.

    You look like its spring! I am so pleased by the weather here too! :-)

  10. The shirt looks great paired with the floral pattern.

    Hope you're feeling better as the weeks go on. I've definitely had those days where I've accidentally taken two multivitamins or left the shredded cheese out overnight. :)

    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  11. I love his shirt on you, it looks so cute, especially with the florals.
    And the picture of Iggy is so cute!

  12. Such a cute outfit! I wish my man was a little smaller so I could steal his shirts a little bit more easily- I end up having to do some serious sleeve rolling.

  13. This looks wonderful! I love the combo of girly and manly.

    As for the vitamins - no biggie. Whatever's extra should just get flushed out.

    Good for you on doing the run anyway. If I don't get mine in before the daily shower, it does not get done.

  14. I love that photo of Iggy too!
    Hehe, I love moments like that. They're funny afterwards... I am guilty of always looking for my mobile when I have it in my hand or even up to my ear!

    Gorgeous dress. I love those flats!

  15. A marvelous mashup of springy trends!

  16. What a cute shirt! It look great on you. Husbands' closets can be an untapped resource sometimes.

    LOL at the mayo, I do that kind of stuff when I'm thinking really hard about something else.

  17. Are you... pregnant? KIDDING! :) I do that stuff all of the time. My husband tells me I'm losing my mind. Don't know how you can lose something you never seemed to have.

    I love that you can wear his shirts. I tried using my husbands military coat with the intention of belting it. But his shoulders are way too broad for my frame. I'm going to pout now.

  18. Adding a man's shirt to feminine attire is always adorable: the contrast highlights female beauty. This outfit is super-cute.

    Taking two vitamin pills is no problem: there's only one vitamin (A) that becomes toxic in high doses but you're nowhere near that level.

  19. That's a really cute outfit--I love that you stole your guy's shirt! And I see that most of your snow melted too--isn't it so nice that the PA weather is finally turning?!

  20. I have moments like those quite often. sometimes, I'll put the milk in the cupboard and the peanut putter in the fridge. I even put the tv remote in the cupboard once.

  21. I think I am literally wearing the same thing in my pic today! on ly I have a flannel belted instead of tied. I love stealing guys clothes. It is great :)