Thursday, March 18, 2010


3-18-10 1

Holy. Gorgeous. Day.  How amazing are the colors in these pictures?!

3-18-10 2

And how amazing are these pants?!  You can't quite see the print, but they're sage green with a beige bamboo/ivy print in the weave.  Or in John's words ... "they're stained all over." (insert puzzled look here)
Oh, honey ...

3-18-10 3

They are one of my thrifted finds from Monday and I'm. In. Love.  Aside from literally wearing my PJ's to work, this is the next best thing.  At $7, they were even a bit of a Goodwill splurge, but totally worth it.  (Yeah, I'm that cheap.)

3-18-10 4
3-18-10 5

Lots of photos today - can you tell I was having fun?

3-18-10 6

My brother graduated from Basic Training this morning!  So ... hip, hip hooray!
I'm so proud of you, Bryce!

3-18-10 7
Tee: Gap, $11 - Belt: Express, $10 - Pants, Thrifted, $7 - Shoes: JCP, $8 - Cheapo Bangles


  1. LOVE the wide leg and ankle length. i'm such a fan of that look, but it really doesn't translate well when you're tall. i've tried a couple of times, but end up looking i couldn't find pants that were long enough. lol

    it's totally gorgeous here, too. it has felt sooooo good to be able to take short walks after work the past few evenings!!!

  2. We finally have blue skies here, too! Those are fantastic pants, but I know I'd never be able to pull that silhouette off...of course, you make them look effortlessly chic :)

  3. Those pants are awesome!! And I can't really see the print... but I can imagine it's super frickin' awesome too! :)

  4. Great find, totally worth the $7.

  5. Those pants look like THE.Comfiest.Pants.EVER!

  6. glad to see you enjoying the nice weather. its about time.

  7. um yes, totally awesome. so glad you aren't limiting these to the bedroom ;-)

  8. Um, you rock my world. Those pants rock my world. This post is rocking my world.

  9. This weather has been amazing!! I love all the fun pictures you got today. Those are great pants on you too!

  10. LOVE how you styled these pants. You look so happy in that last photo!

  11. you are too cute your pictures!! your pants look so comfy and look like they can be lived in all the time.


  12. those look amazingly comfortable!
    and the sky looks beautiful--it heartens me to think that spring is coming!

  13. Love the action shots. You must have a great timer on that camera. Or a kind Husband ;)

  14. OMGosh, I don't know how you pull off these looks, but you do it flawlessly. Loveth the pants, especially with that belt.

  15. Ooh and they have pockets! Nice find. I'm totally with you on "splurging" at Goodwill. It's gotta be real good to spend $7 @ GW.

  16. Mmm...those pants look so comfy. I would LIVE in pants like that if I had them haha!