Thursday, March 4, 2010


3-4-10 1

Oh, it's sunny and in the 40's today!  So refreshing and lovely!

3-4-10 2

Now that the obligatory weather comment is out of the way, here's some slice of life for you.  The following conversation happened in our house this morning:

3-4-10 3

Me: (Note: I had my black-rimmed glasses on at the time.) Does this look okay?
(not that I had any intention of changing - I just like to ask.)

John: Yeah, it's cool.  You kind of look like a dork, though.

Me: (silent scrunchy face reply)

John:   It looks cool ... like Elvis Costello.

Me:  (super scrunchy face)  Uuuhhh...

3-4-10 4

Now, pay attention, kids.  This is better than Aesop...

3-4-10 5

Moral of the story:

1.  Do not tell your girlfriend, wife or significant other that she looks like a dork, even if she does.

2.  Don't back pedal and try to make it better by then telling her she looks like Elvis Costello.


3-4-10 6
Blazer: JCP, $25 - T-shirt: Target, $13 - Skirt: JCP, $11 - Boots: Target, $35

Just for the record, I left the glasses on - just didn't photograph them.  And no husbands were hurt in the making of this story, but he's lucky I love him.  And in his defense, he does love Elvis Costello quite a bit, so I guess it could've been a compliment.


  1. Gotta love men! Your husband is hilarity. Sounds like something my husband would say. He always makes fun of my outfits, then I run away from him and he chases me jokingly...LOOSER!

  2. Your style is so cute, especially when it's casual! x

  3. I ask my husband all the time how I look and he comes up with the weirdest stuff. Sometimes I swear if I didn't love him so much, he would be living with permanent black eyes.

    I love cut of the skit and the blazer is bad ass.

  4. kyla, this outfit is awesome! and i have to tell you, i love you in those glasses. elvis costello or not.

  5. As much as I adore Elvis Costello, I would've made scrunchyface at that comment, too. I think your skirt is FAR more chic than anything EC would wear!

  6. Haha you;re too cute! You should've photographed the glasses! :)

    Love the outfit!!!

  7. Hahaha awesome... I wonder if guys ever change?? Probably not... lol. I love the outfit! P.s. Hopefully there will be a lovely package sent out for you this weekend...... :)

  8. Cute! I am LOVING your hair and makeup!

  9. Ha ha .. I can see how he would consider that compliments! He is lucky you love him though. ;-) I think you look great! Love the Zepplin shirt thrown in with this.

  10. Hehe. I love your little anecdotes. And your hair. And the colour of your lips today :)
    Yay for warmer weather!

  11. Oh I love this leopard paired with the concert tee. It looks great!

  12. But how cute is Elvis COstello?? Adoooorable!!

    Anyways, I love this outfit. Love the skirt, the concert t, the jacket. Head to toe, its gorgeous!

  13. my honey doesn't dig the big black glasses either. he says they're "fashion-y" which means thumbs down from him. oh well, i love them!

    btw, i love this outfit:)

  14. You are a total badass!!! I love love love this outfit!!

  15. I love the skirt and your hair looks so amazing! I love!

  16. I Love this outfit. Looks great.

  17. I would totally take the Elvis Costello comparison as a compliment!

    Also, thinking of Elvis Costello in a leopard print skirt makes me chuckle.

  18. You look great! I enjoy how you have mixed it up this week with the jcp blazer.

  19. You look VERY rock & roll. Love it!

  20. Love the tiny little rainbow orb in the top shots, and your sideways top-knot looks great!

  21. Elvis Costello or not, you look awesome here. The term "bad ass" would not be inappropriate. Love the combo of the skirt, tee, and blazer!