Thursday, February 11, 2010


2-11-10 1

Anyone want to place a bet on how long you think this snow will be here?
I'm thinking sometime in early June.  Any takers?

2-11-10 2
2-11-10 3

I got my ass handed to me this morning by Jillian Michaels.  She was on my TV, of course.  And I was writhing in pain on my living room floor.  Just kidding.  But seriously, Jillian Michaels DVDs deliver some of the best workouts ever.  I'm far too cheap to join a gym, and last winter I belonged to one and was sick the whole winter.  So, now I just think they're cesspools of flu and cold germs.  Anyway, the first two levels of the 30 Day Shred have been on OnDemand for some time now, but I've never gotten to do level three.  Well, that all changed this morning.  If you're looking for a quick (gotta be efficient about these things!), but hard core work out, you should definitely check this one out.  Jillian Michaels is way up there on the list of people I'd love to meet in real life someday.  A little girl crush, I s'pose.

2-11-10 4

Anywhoosle ... Iggy is looking very hairy these days.  Can you see why shih-tzus are called "lion dogs" and "chrysanthemum dogs?"   How cute is that little face?

2-11-10 5

As I write this, I'm lounging around in just my sweater and tights.  I have to go back to work in about a half an hour and I keep having this thought that I'll leave without putting my skirt back on.
Wow -- that would be awkward.

2-11-10 6
Sweater: vintage - Leather Skirt: clothing swap - Boots: Target - Two pairs of tights: Hue


  1. Ah, looks like you as much snow than here in sunny, tropical Wisconsin!
    The colors of this outfit are great on you! And I see you are rocking the side braid! I've been seeing that more and more in the runway reports, but sadly, my hair is still too short :(

  2. Chrysanthemum dogs? Love that.
    That sweater is perfection, but winter lasting until June? Not so perfect...

  3. We have a ton of snow too. Your dog is too cute.

  4. Wow, that wrap jacket is so striking. What a daring piece, and it looks so great on you!

  5. And I was scared of the 3 inches that we had a bit further south :-)

  6. I feel like that too! They always pile up large mountains of snow in the corners of parking lots and they're there forever!

    I wanted to share that I also found a pair of the Steve Madden brogues (black patent) at Nordstrom rack for under $20! I was super excited and cannot WAIT to wear them out! I'm a little afraid the salt and snow is going to ruin them if I walk around!

  7. I worry about that all the time! It is something that would happen to me.

    On a side note, I bought something today that you will like (I hope). I'm going to wear it tomorrow, so make sure to check it out and lemme know what you think!

  8. i did ONE of her videos once and it practically killed me. my friend swears 20 mins with her is like an hour in the gym.
    SO MUCH SNOW! too much! uncool. we don't have any in boston- it's kind of weird. they called off school yesterday and it ended up being about a quarter inch. ummm...
    super cute-- i really love those boots; wish i'd found some over-the-knees i could afford this season!

  9. I'm guessing we'll be hiding Easter eggs in the snow! That sweater looks super comfy. Iggy is too gosh darn cute!

    Simply Suzanne

  10. I love that sweater! The entire look is so cute. I have been getting my butt kicked by Bob's bootcamp and I've only made it through level 1! Jillian intimidates me a bit too much to try her DVD yet.

  11. That sweater is flippen awesome. And boooooo snow =/

  12. What a fun sweater!


    (that comment should suffice to comment on both the amount of snow in these pictures and the awesomeness of that sweater!)

  14. Ditto on what Clare said.

    We got the 30 Day Shread DVD for christmas and have yet to use it.

  15. Wow - that it a LOT of snow!

    I hope you remembered to put your skirt back on!

  16. That is ALOT of snow and that is one fabulous sweater!!!!

  17. I suspect we'll have our snow piles till about May, too.

    That leather skirt is truly fab, lady!

  18. What a cute and cozy look. But then I feel like I say that about everything you wear. Haha.

    I LOVE 30 day Shred, and Jillian Michaels. I actually think I found level 2 more challenging than 3, so you should give it a shot. I bet you'll like it. Aren't the On Demand workouts fantastic?!

  19. I hear that the 30 Day shred really kicks your ass. I can't wait to get back into a regular work out routine. My physical therapist kindly reminded me not to do anything stupid.

  20. You were pounded and we got a whole 3 inches lol! Love your cozy sweater. Have a Happy Valentine's Day this weekend :)

  21. Great outfit, love your cardi!

    Oh I also heard a lot of good thing about the 30 days shred... hmm especially that it is so haaaaaaard but so effective! Congrats to getting to level 3! ;)

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  22. LOVE your vintage sweater!!! I am looking for one like that at thrift stores but no luck yet.

    And I know!!! (about JIllian Michaels) I did one of her workouts two days ago and my thighs are STILL sore.

  23. Thanks for the Jillian Michaels recommendation. Good stuff for those of us that can't bear to go outside in this weather.

    Of all the style bloggers, I think you're winning the race for One With Most Snow.

  24. I just LOVE your hair, Kyla! That sweater is quite a jewel, too :)

  25. That sweater is hands down my favorite piece in your entire wardrobe. Love love love it!