Tuesday, February 23, 2010


2-23-10 1

I anticipated adding a little more color this morning, but I just couldn't bring myself to disrupt the harmony of my black and white.  So, I just added lots of red lipstick.

2-23-10 6

I love the days where I feel as though I've walked off the pages of The Sartorialist ... or the front page of Lookbook.nu.  I'm so not that cool, but a girl can pretend.

2-23-10 4
2-23-10 3
2-23-10 5

There's also a small part of me that can't stop thinking about Paula Abdul every time I wear these shoes with these pants.  You know - in Opposites Attract?  The one with the cat ...

2-23-10 2

I keep forgetting to tell you all about my 30¢ finds at Goodwill.  Our local Goodwill has a clearance section.  I'm so cheap, that I even shop the clearance at Goodwill.  Anyway, the whole section is marked down to 30¢ - okay, it's actually only 29¢, but who's counting?

On an entirely different topic, is anyone else kind of excited about the Ladies Skate tonight?

2-23-10 7
Pants: Thrifted and hemmed, 30 29¢ - Tee: Target, $6 - Necklace: Target, $3 - Knit Jacket: Strawberry, $30
Belt: Express, $10 - Shoes: Steve Madden via Ross, $17

P.S.  Thank you all so much for your kind comments regarding my hair.  It's suddenly feeling very long and my bangs were getting really shaggy, so I'm just styling it a little differently.  Thanks again!


  1. great outfit, and I really love the red lipstick!

  2. Lady, I love this outfit! It is such a mix of interesting elements.

  3. This is awesome. The glasses, the studded belt, the chain necklace. Something I never would have thought of together but you pull it off and totally inspire me red lips :)

  4. I LOVE LOVE this outfit. The red lipstick looks great and you look super slim!

  5. OMG you look AMAZING! I love the whole look from head to toe, including the lip stick.

    I wish my GW had a 30 cent section :(

  6. Your red lipstick looks so nice, it adds just the right amount of color! :D

    Hm, my Goodwill's lowest clearance price is 49 cents! Haha!


  7. adorable miss abdul! hahah not really you look wayy cute!! you can definitely pull of the vava voom red lips! cute! happy tuesday!

  8. I don't even know where to start with this outfit! It's fantastic. The necklace looks great, the cropped top, the white shirt, the glasses and lips! It all just looks so perfect together.

  9. Two steps forward, and two steps back!
    A little supa cat huh?

    Well, I LOVE the lipstick!! So pretty.

  10. You look adorable in the red lips! I love it!

  11. You are a styling lady! I always feel like the outfit that could come straight off The Sartorialist, are the ones that people where I live would understand the least...meh.

  12. I was wondering what those shoes reminded me of!

  13. Alright I'm just gonna say it! You totally look like a model in these pics and that red lipstick is very pretty! I need to experiment with lip color, but I'm finding it to be harder than it looks.

  14. Wow, you're one thrifty gal.

    And although you're outfit was only black and white, it didn't lack punch with the elements of your shoes, the silhouette of your pants and the pop of lipstick.

    well put together.


  15. I loved that clip when I was a kid. Oh man. And I love outfits that envoke memories like that.

    Lookin' smokin' lady. I love it!

  16. I love the lipstick. Even before I read everything, I thought... black and white is great especially with a pop of red lipstick. :)

    I also have been meaning to tell you that I like your bangs a little off to the side. It shows your beautiful face more. :)

  17. I love the menswear! I love the oxfords too! you look so darling!

  18. I LOVE this!! I'm glad you stuck with the red lips as your pop of color!! Definitely sartorialesque! :)

  19. I love these pants! I just thrifted a pair JUST like those, and I'm definitely using you as inspiration for how to wear them.

    Also, yay for the red lips today!!

  20. holy moly those red lips look amazing on you!!! i wish i had the chutzpah to pull off red lips.
    and the whole outfit is absolutely perfect--i love the simplicity of black and white (especially with the very interesting details and cuts you have here) and the way it highlights your extremely pretty face and hair.

  21. Super CUTE! Love those shoes...love the whole look!

  22. I'm loving your hair, I cant wait to get mine dyed back to blonde!

    Gimme your shoes, k thanks ;-P

  23. This is pretty bad ass. Everything just meshes so well: the biker-ish jacket, the menswear shoes, the cropped wool trousers, the red lips, the red lips, the red lips! Beautiful!

  24. This outfit deserves to be on the Sartorialist...I could see you crossing the New York street now! You look amazing! The lips were the finishing touch!

    I found those same shoes at ROSS a half size too small. Totally bummer.

    "Things in common
    Just ain't a one
    But when we get together
    We have nothin' but fun"

    I think that I wore this tape OUT when I was younger!

  25. I have a very similar jacket & love how you styled it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. Oh my gosh, I never would've thought of Paula until you pointed it out ... but it's true! This is a very "Opposites Attract" ensemble. Far more chic and updated, though. And the red lips are FANTASTIC!

  27. those pants are SO fantastic! they fit you perfectly- i love that slouchy but still tailored look. and the black and white + red lipstic is super chic. ~joelle

  28. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours...by far!!


  29. You are so adorable! Yet again, you pulled together another awesome outfit that is very flattering. And your hair has been looking awesome lately! I love the bangs to the side and the little bit of wave/tousled look. Meow!

  30. Gangsta! You look fantastic here. I love the whole look- the hair, the glasses, the red lips, and then 1920's gangster chic. Awesome how you can make clothes that cost nothing look like a million bucks!

  31. i always head for the clearance first at places like tj maxx, so I get you on that. I love this outfit, class, style, cuteness. Its great.
    ps. tagged you in an award

  32. 3 counts of awesomeness.
    first, the curly hair is super sweet.
    second, the red lipstick is the perfect touch of color.
    and lastly, those pants were only 29 cents. I applaud your thriftiness.

  33. face it, lady, you are that cool! this outfit is outstanding and the red lips are the perfect splash of color :)