Monday, February 15, 2010


Oh, time ... where do you go?

1.  Hope you all had a happy V-day.  I really couldn't possibly care less about it.  John thinks that's awesome.  We had a very enjoyable Sunday together - just like any other Sunday.  Went out for pancakes and watched Extract.  I definitely recommend it.  Pancakes and the movie...

2.  V-day also takes a backseat to things like John's birthday on the 13th.  We went out for yummy stir-fry at a Hibachi restaurant.  So much fun!  Then, we went out to a local bar to hear a band from the late 70's.  And, holy heck, those cats could still rock!

3.  I dare you to guess how old John is now.  It ain't easy.

4.  I have soooo many projects started right now, I'm having a hard time managing my free time to take care of them.  I think I spend more time stressing over not having enough time rather than being productive.  Ugh - I hate that!

5.  It's still winter ...


  1. Um... I guess he's 31? ish?
    I totally agree with not caring about Vday anymore... it used to matter but now, in the most I'm not trying to be cheesy way possible, I know Matt has my back 365 and I really don't need chocolate.

  2. I completely agree with 1, 4 and 5! Valentine's Day does nothing for me and besides saying Happy V-Day to each other, nothing else special happens. Although last night we watched Couples Retreat so got a kick out of the irony of that. :) As for being productive, I often think the same exact thing. If I actually did something in the time that I spend looking around figuring out what to do next I would get a heck lot more accomplished!

  3. My hubs and I do not celebrate any holidays...we buy gifts for each other when the mood strikes. We enjoy each other EVERY DAY, and it's much easier to have a romantic dinner when you don't have to compete with everyone else in the world!

    As always, love your blog!

  4. we treat valentiens the same, so glad it's not just us! for my man he dislikes that he is being told to be romantic lol, and plus it's my brothers birthday to so that's more important.

  5. Yeap! A hey and a holler for the Vday haters.... I agree with Yenster up there with husbands having your back 365 days a year. Oh and roses are effin stupid.
    My husband also thinks I'm awesome "Little effort in the romance department? Sweet!"...sometimes I am too awesome though.