Monday, February 1, 2010


Happy, happy Monday!

Here's what's brewin'...

1.  Have you guys ever heard of Kinesio tape?  It's truly one of the most amazing things ever!  It's been such a huge relief for my back.  Whenever things start to tense up and pinch, I just slap a couple pieces on for a few days and voila!  Relief!  Some days, I think it could even fix the economy!

2.  Went shopping this weekend.  Yay!  Especially "yay" because I had some extra income last week that made it possible.  There were only two things on my list, and I got them both (well, will have them both soon) - trench coat and brogues (finally!).

3.  Anyone else ready for spring?  I'm so sick of being immobilized by my giant, but necessary, winter coat.  I'd even take 40-50 degree weather for another six months if it meant I didn't have to wear a big ass cocoon every day.

4.  So, I'm about 20 minutes late for the party, but I finally listened to some Lady Gaga this morning. Must.  Have. More.

5.  On that note, I'd really like to start listening to Mary J. Blige.  For those of you who are fans, which album should I start with?  Thanks in advance!


  1. Im not really a big fan of MaryJ but if i had to steer you towards an album, it would be MyLife.. that is one of her older albums but it was so soulful.. Then there is probably my favorite Mary J song.. Just Fine.. you need that as a download, cuz the rest of the cd was not that good to me...

    The best line in that song is.."So I like what I see when i'm lookin at me when i'm walkin past a mirror." ... genius!

  2. Get "What's the 411" as your intro to MJB ... Hip Hop Soul at it's best :)

    BTW, love your fashion sense!


  3. Re: Mary J Blige

    You gotta start with What's the 411--be sure to listen for old school Diddy (then known as Puffy) and Busta Rhymes. It was her first album, it's the biz, and is one of maybe 5 albums I listen to all the way through without skipping. YES.

    After that, My Life (esp. "I'm Goin' Down" and "My Life") and Share My World ("I Can Love You", "Seven Days", "Get to Know You Better", and "Not Gon' Cry") would be a good start.

  4. If that groundhog is taking bribes I might pool together all my milk money just to make sure spring comes early. :)

    On another note, Mary J. Blige's Real Love is one of my all time favorite songs. I heart her.

  5. I love Lady Gaga and her willingnes to stand up for equality. I also love that she doesn't do the whole "Britney-sex-kitten" bit and play into gender roles. In my opinion, she pushes society's idea of "beauty", and I dig that. So anyways, love LGG's music, but unfortunately I have nothing to add for MaryJ. Good luck, and let us know what you think :)

  6. you should pick up "the Fame Monster" by Lady GaGa..... you'll love it especially teeth, and telephone.... And as for Mary..... her music changes with the milestones in her if you want happy Mary... try the breakthrough album, and her new release...but for the classics...My Life, and what's the 411...should definitely be given a try...Ps....I love the outfit......

  7. 'What's the 411' for your first Mary J Blige. Without a doubt one of the best R&B/Soul albums of all time.

  8. I recently found you via What I Wore and think you are adorable. Since you mention Lady Gaga, you might get a kick out of this.. It teach a workout/dance class and this is our latest routine...


  9. I agree that What's the 411, then My Life, are the two albums that you should pick up if you want more of MJB. And if you ever get a chance to see her in concert, GO! I saw her last summer (opened by Robin Thicke, who was also amazing) and she was fantastic. She's a great live performer.