Friday, February 5, 2010


2-5-10 1

No matter how cold or crappy it was going to be today, I was bound and determined to wear my new trench coat.  I picked it up last weekend at Old Navy, and since I have no patience to wait for spring, I'm attempting to winterize it now.

2-5-10 2

Since Fridays are full of meetings and various jobs, I know I would be on the move for most of the day.  While my "inside" outfit was nothing special, it was all about the "commuter" look.

2-5-10 3

As soon as I brought this baby home, I couldn't stop thinking about his simple combination.  With an impending snow storm on the horizon, I stuck to pants and shoes that wouldn't get too ruined in the event that I would be walking home in snow.  Good foresight, too - because I walked home in the snow.

2-5-10 4

I have so many plans for this soon-to-be wardrobe workhorse.  But, for now, it's sweats, CSI and a little dinner - as I watch the snow fall, fall, fall.

2-5-10 5
Beanie: H&M, $7ish - Trench - Old Navy, $35 - Scarf: Target, $13 - Turtleneck: Kohl's, $2
Denim Trousers: JCP, $10 - Shoes: Keds, $26 - Bag: courtesy of Hayden & Harnett


  1. Oh man I can soo relate!! This week I got a black leather moto of eBay for $10, and bought a cream pleather one from target... I want to wear them NOW! Unfortunately it's in the teens and twenties out so I need a bit more insulation than tho... ho hum.

    BTW I LOVE the trench... I have a navy statement trench but I have been thinking I want a classic beige one too since I get so much wear out of the navy one. I think you just convinced me with this outfit, you look simply fabulous!

  2. FANTASTIC! You can't go wrong with a trench. My favorite trench I ever owned was actually an Old Navy one circa 2002 and this year, actually a few months ago, I finally donated it because of a stain that I could not save. :(

    I love your trench - in fact...that might be on my birthday wish list.

    Looking fab as always! Have a great weekend Kyla!

  3. WOW@ Old Navy! That is a great trench! It looks wonderful with the dark denim as well. Very pretty. :-)

  4. Excellent trench. I'm so glad they're coming back into fashion because I absolutely love them. They look chic on everyone!

  5. I love your trench (and your knit hat)! Old Navy is so great for classic staples that will last for years.

  6. SO cute! I love it with the beanie and the sneakers!

  7. I was just thinking that that's the perfect trench,when I saw it was old navy - go you!!! I love a good old navy find!

  8. I love the trench coat. I wouldn't be able to wait for spring either.

  9. I adore a great trench and this one is a classic. Well played madam.

  10. Wowza, what a chic little lady! Loveth the trench with those wide leg jeans!

  11. Love this classic and elegant look!

  12. Oh my goodness, what a fun trench!!! I can't wait to see it more in Spring and Summer!