Monday, January 18, 2010


Ah, Monday.  Today, I'm not such a big fan of you.  Alas, my mind keeps going ...

1.  I made a NEW recipe yesterday and it is freakin' awesome!  AND, I didn't screw it up at all.  It's a Mexican chicken stewy-type dish, done in the crock pot.  If you're interested, I'll post the recipe later.

2.  I forgot to tell you last week that I did Disco Abs with Cheryl Burke.  Awesomeness ensued.

3.  I returned those yellow shoes I got a couple of weeks ago.  They weren't super great, and Wilco announced their spring tour, and I put the money towards a pair of tickets instead.  Money well spent.

4.  I spent last night helping a really close friend pack up her house.  She's moving and it hasn't quite sunk in yet that she's not coming back.  Suckiness.

5.  My mom's coming to spend the day with me!  Yay!  That will surely cheer me up.  Though, I'm not sad so much as tiiiiiired ...

Have a happy Monday!


  1. Yes, post the recipe. I need a good, healthy delicious idea to make me look like an A1 wife!
    Haha, I sometimes do Hip Hop abs with Shawn T, you look like a totally doofus but it works.

  2. I love your little Monday posts :)
    I have cooked a total of two dinner things in my life by myself so I'd love to see this recipe and wow my boyfriend with something. Please share! Hehe.
    That sucks about your friend. All of my friends moved away after year 12 for uni etc. but I'm still in my high school town... We may be moving to the city at the end of the year though, that makes me pretty happy :)
    Anyway, I'm just rambling. Great post.