Saturday, December 12, 2009


 I've been tagged by both Rebekah from Shell and Second Skin Style, two VERY cool bloggin' ladies, with the following questions.  I thought they were pretty fun, so here it goes!

1. Your hair? I was a natural blond until I turned 26, and suddenly, my hair refused to grow blond anymore.  Now, it's the light brown color you see today.

2. Your favorite food? Homemade mac and cheese, hands down!

3. Your favorite drink? Vodka tonic.  Even better?  Clementine vodka tonic.

4. Your dream/goal? Be happy.  Sounds cheesy, but it can be tricky at times.  So often, we let thinks like money, careers and stuff get in the way of the only thing that really makes life worth living - happiness.

5. Your hobby? Blogging, sewing, shopping, photography, etc.  Jack of all trades, master of none.

6. Your fear? Losing someone I love.

7. Where were you last night? Home.  I work early on Saturdays, so Fridays are pretty low key around here.

8. Something you say all the time? "It's better than the alternative."  Because 9 times out of 10, it is.

9. Something that you're not? Quiet :)

10. Wishlist Item? New boots.

11. Last thing you did? Scoured etsy for fur hats for my previous post.

12. What are you wearing? Flannel and lounge pants.

13. Your pets? Iggy Pop, the best dog in the world!  He's having a dream right now and doing funny things in his sleep.

14. Friends? Well-loved.

15. Missing someone? Marnie

16. Something you're not wearing? Shoes.

17. Your favorite store? Right now, I'd say Goodwill.  I love unexpected treasures!

18. Your favorite color? Red.

19. The last time you cried? I honestly don't remember ...

20. When's the last time you laughed? About an hour ago.

21. One place that I go to over and over? Does gmail count?

22. Where do you eat? At the coffee table 99% of the time


  1. Yay! A fellow coffee table diner and gmail (ab)user. Woot! Your 22 answers show what a sweet person you are.

  2. Now, how is it I didn't know your favorite color is RED!!! Seems to me "Mommy-in-laws" should know things like this!!!

    I would be "honored" to bake you up some Mac-N-Cheese when I get home:) We'll keep John happy with some meatballs:)

  3. Haha I eat at the coffee table too!


  4. Mmmm I love mac and cheese too! And I 100% agree, 9 times out of 10 it is better than the alternative :)

  5. yay! thanks for doing this! it was fun to learn more about you!!!