Monday, December 7, 2009


Oh, Monday ... you're here so soon.

A few things on my brain for today:

1.  I had a shamefully unproductive weekend.  It's possible that each day involved a nap, a movie (or two or three, but who's counting) and a game.  The only thing that got accomplished from Friday's list was eating Indian food.  Wow ... I suck.

2.  Due to aforementioned sheer laziness, I am currently glued to my laptop and kitchen table until I finish the work that MUST get done today.

3.  The bright side?  I've loaded up the home disc changer with all of my Christmas CD's and lit my favorite cookie-scented candles.  If nothing else, at least my house sounds and smells like the season.

4.  My manager is going to be in town this week, which means I'll be getting reviewed at some point.  I've already put together my outfits for the week, knowing that if I look good and feel good, then I'll do good.  You can quote me on that :)

5.  I'm super stoked to report that I have been easing back into running at least three times a week for the past month and my back is feeling fanfreakintasic!  All of my efforts (i.e. getting out from behind a desk 40 hours/ week, removing heels from my daily rotation, ice and strengthening exercises, etc, etc) are finally paying off.  I'm even LOVING going out in the cold.  Once you get all bundled up, it's pretty fun, even if my butt does get numb.

Hope you are all enjoying your Monday!  Outfit post coming soon ...


  1. Lovely post! Very nicely written:)

  2. I love your Monday ramblings. And although I haven't commented in a bit I have to tell you, you always look amazing! You are so cute, creative, and practical about the way you dress. It's awesome! Thanks for sharing your awesomeness with all of us!

  3. Yeah! I know how good it feels when you're body starts reacting positively to healthy changes. Hope you continue on:)

    As for those lazy weekends...aren't they terribly good and bad? Yes one get's to rest but then it's like a whole weekend went by and nothing really got accomplished:( Oh well, you work really hard so just think of it as giving yourself a much deserved break:)