Monday, December 28, 2009


My "best of" series is a little different.  While these are certainly not the best outfits of the year, they are representative of the best moments of the year.

Here we go...


My husband and I took a much needed vacation in April.  We drove to Asheville, NC and just bummed around for a few days in a new city.  It's always so nice to get away.  And, boy, I needed it!

8-24-09 2

Our vacation also consisted of a quick trip down to Athens, GA for a Wilco concert.  It was by far the best concert moment of my life.  We were among the first people in line and managed to secure a spot in the very front row - a mere 4' from the stage.  It was INCREDIBLE!  While this isn't what I wore, it's the t-shirt I bought as a momento of such an amazing night.


A couple of weeks after our vacation, I went to Baltimore for a 4 day training for what was then my part-time job.  The training was a great experience and that part-time job is now my most-of-the-time job.  I love how life works things out!

NYC balcony

For our 5th wedding anniversary, John and I went to New York for the weekend.  It started with a fantastic night of yummy food and a stay in Hotel Giraffe in Manhattan - this shot was taken on the balcony - followed by a day at the MOCCA show.  We then headed to Long Island, where John hails from, to visit some of his oldest friends.  Always a good time.


This may have been the greatest day of the last several years.  The greatest for me on a most personal level, anyway.  This is the day I decided to quit my job.  I had no idea what would happen next, but I just knew it was time to find out.  This was a day filled with tears, anxiety and finally, smiles.  The quitting didn't quite go as planned, but I haven't regretted it for one single second.  Everything works out just as it should.  Life is good.


This one is a pretty obvious high point of the year - the Weardrobe Conference NYC.  I can only hope that I will get to experience something like this again.  If I could only be so lucky.

11-18-09 8

And, of course, who doesn't love their birthday?  It wasn't anything extraordinary, but it was spent with people I love and great friends.  Each year brings such treasures - I just can't wait to see what happens this year!

The great moments of '09 certainly aren't limited to this list, but these are the ones that have stuck with me.  The holidays are right up there, too.  We had a wonderful time with my family this year.  Christmas Eve was spent visiting, nibbling, listening to music, wrapping presents, decorating the Christmas tree and finishing last minute gifts.  It was almost better than Christmas day!

What was your best moment in '09?




  2. Hmm .. best moment of '09. I don't know if I have a specific moment. Lots of great things happened but many of those were gradual things instead of just a specific time. Accomplishments for me were certainly ShopKim but also finishing two 10Ks without stopping. So I guess the first one was stand out for me.

    I love all of these pictures! You look so happy and your smile in that NYC one is killer! Of course Baltimore stands out to me though since that's where I am. :)

  3. Kyla, I love these!! The last one is my favorite, but only because you look like you are having SO much fun!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


  4. Aw, I your anniversary outfit. So effortless :]

    And wow, front row at Wilco! Superrr jealous, though I probably would've thrown my bra at Jeff Tweedy, thus losing my dignity and self-respect, so... probably for the best. haha

  5. My best moment of 2009 was the day we signed the papers on my cute little dream house. It's such an excellent home. Lucky for me, it was tough to choose this as the best moment, because tons of good things happened this year. Here's to great wishes and dreams for 2010.

    Also, I think I want a new camera. I love that you have a photo from each of your great moments of 2009. That is really cool.

  6. I loved this post...and I love how you based it on the best moments, not the best outfits, although they're just as great.

    I think a few of my best moments include starting my new job in January (almost a year!), going to Seattle to visit my bestest (and oldest friends), and going to Cancun. 2009 has been an interesting year.

  7. This is such an uplifting and very unique post! And you're right....Life is good! All my best, Penny:)

  8. What a fantastic idea to do the best of 09. Those end of the year shows are always my favorite. Sounds like you had a memorable year, I hope 2010 is even more so! xoxo Jolie

  9. I love Wilco, you're so lucky that you got to see them!! :) And I love all your outfits!

    Hmmm. My best moment of 2009 was probably meeting Green Day. I've loved them since I was 12 years old, so that was ridiculously exciting for me!

  10. I'm just about to do a post using the same principle!
    I love your best moments of 09, I also love that through reading your blog I feel like I've watched you experience them. It's made me happy :)


  11. Great moments! It was fun sharing them with you. Here is to an even better and more successful '10~ :-)

  12. awww, thanks so much for sharing!

  13. You've had one incredible year, lady! I love that picture of you on the balcony! Here's to 2010 having many great moments!

  14. Lots of fun looks here. The orange dress is gorgeous.

  15. I love this take on the 'Best of'! I've been thinking of my own "Bests" and getting married (Aug) and running my first marathon (April) would top my list. Have a great 2010 and thanks for consistently posting such wonderful stuff! S.

  16. Oh, and my best moment was pry graduating from law school. My worst moments were dealing with loan consolidation, LOL.

  17. I love all these looks, and I just love your outlook on life. It is very uplifting, and I just know that attitude will take you far this year :)