Thursday, November 26, 2009


11-26-09 1

Today, I:
 ... ate a lot of yummy food
... spent time with my wonderful family
... enjoyed my first entire day off since Labor Day weekend (seriously)
... and kicked the husband's butt at Rummy 500.

I rule.

11-26-09 2

Today, I also got to sport one of my thrift store gems from Monday.  There was something about all the delicate pleating and lace on this silk shirt that I just couldn't pass up.  It was brand new with tags still on - isn't it preeeeeetty?

11-26-09 3

I wanted to dress it down and keep it really sleek and simple with just a pair of high-waisted jeans and snakeskin flats.  Oh, and a topknot of course ... the mini version this time.

11-26-09 4

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving today!  And if you're an international reader, well ... I hope you had a good day at work :)

Blouse: Thrifted, $5 - Custom Jeans: courtesy of indidenim - Flats: Madden Girl, $23


  1. And a happy Thanksgiving to you! You look very fun, approachable and stylish. Nice job!

  2. Oh yes, I do love this shirt, and its so cute with the jeans!

    Very pretty.

    Happy Thanksgiving yourself!!

  3. I had a great day at work today! I booked all of my flight and buses for my trip to Toronto and Montreal. Two of Canada's biggest most fashionable cities!


  4. Sure ruuubbb it in!
    Those jeans are fab on your, your bum looks sooooo good!

  5. This outfit is so simple, and so lovely. I'm amazed at your bravery in rocking jeans on Thanksgiving. I rushed home to a pair of leggings as soon as I could.

  6. I have to say you are brave to wear such a gorgeous top to Thanksgiving (I would be scared of spills!). The jeans have the perfect give for a little extra at dinner.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving :).

    I adore that shirt and how you updated it by paring it with jeans. You look gorgeous as always!

  8. That blouse is perfect on you! As always, you look amazing.

  9. you ARE amazing. LOVE the shirt, and seeing as I occasionally frequent the SC thrifts stores, I am totally jealous of your thrifting skills!

  10. I love that top!!! It'll go with so many great things.

  11. That shirt is beautiful, what a fantastic find!

  12. Love that top! It looks great with jeans. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving :)

  13. Great top. You look great in the top and jeans. Casual and stylish.

  14. This is such a sweet simple Thanksgiving outfit. I love it! That shirt is especially darling.

  15. The blouse is so pretty and feminine. love the way you are wearing it. simple and chic. Hope you had a great thanksgiving.