Friday, November 20, 2009


11-20-09 1

I've been so excited to where this outfit, but I had to wait for a more casual day to bust it out.

11-20-09 3

I can't stop thinking of all the ways to remix this dress over the coming months.  Red tights, striped shirt, layered thermal, red boots, skinny jeans .... oh, the possibilities seem endless!  I only wish my tights were more opaque for this version.  Next time, I'll layer 2 pairs.

11-20-09 2

I found this little tree stand in the woods behind our house, which I find kind of funny since there's nothing to see from the tree stand.  It's about 50 yards from a PetCo and 25 feet from the nearest residence.  Crazy people ...

11-20-09 4

This dress is my most recent thrift store score.  It's a J-Crew frock that was only $4!  Can you believe I actually debated getting it?!  Am I really that cheap?  That's embarrassing!

11-20-09 5

I took the pocket out, since it puckered and shortened the hem to offset out the length of the torso.  It makes me feel like a camp counselor.  I actually was a camp counselor at a Girl Scout camp when I was 18 and we wore nothing like this.  Even still, I can't get the thought out of my mind.

11-20-09 6
JCrew dress: Thrifted, $4 - Long Sleeve Tee: Target, $6
Boots: Target, $35 - Scarf: Vintage - Beanie: H&M, $7


  1. holy crap this is so cute! I can't believe you debated it! You look adorable. And the scarf is the perfect touch.

  2. I love the hat on you. Very cute!

  3. That is a fierce outfit. I love the fact that it's casual and very it!!

  4. Perfect just perfect. You are really living up to your title of Misketch's blogger of the month.

  5. I absolutely adore this outfit. The dress is going to be such a great wardrobe staple. I like that you didn't belt the dress, which probably would have been my first instinct with it. This way it creates one long, lean line throughout. And those boots are still fabuloso!

  6. This is adorable. I need to remember that take out the pockets...that will solve so many of my problems.

    Happy belated bday...we "dimpled" people always find joy in weird gifts like socks! LOL

  7. This is crazy good. I love that pop of colour in the scarfe.. everything here goes together so well :)

    You are so blessed when it comes to thrifting. Kinda jealous. Hope you're having a great day!

  8. I would've grabbed that thing off the rack and ran to the cash counter as soon as I saw it. But I understand. I always pick up way to much at the thrift store and put back all but 2 things. Then regret later.

  9. Adorable! I'm sure you will get so much wear out of that great little dress!

  10. That dress is great and I love the way you styled it. Very weird platform...maybe one day there will be an entire tree house there?

  11. omg r those recent target boots? they r fab!

  12. I love everything about this outfit and you look so cute in these pics!

    The hat is awesome!

  13. I am soooooo unbelievably jealous of your thrift store finds! You look fabulous, especially with that cute little hat.

  14. That is a really great dress on you. I'd say it was a totally smart purchase as long as you be brave and wear it a good lot. It's that cute.