Monday, November 23, 2009


Oh, Monday - I can't believe you're here already.

There's way too much on my mind today, but here are the highlights:

1.  I came to work with my husband again today in an attempt to be surperproductive.

2.  So far, I have gone thrifting (where I scored a majorly awesome military inspired jacket from Jones New York and a $.30 Levis jean jacket), taken outfit photos and have gotten my coffee from DD.

3.  My husband is very excited that everyone thinks his first holiday sweater is so cool.
Just wait, kids ... just wait ...

4.  I had lots of delicious and amazing food this weekend.  On Saturday, we went to the best Indian restaurant in the world.  Okay, maybe just the tri-state area, but anyway.  It never disappoints and I was even able to limit myself to one trip to the buffet.  Woohoo!  So, I felt great ... until ...

5.  We went to my mother-in-law's last night to celebrate our niece's birthday.  There was a lot of family there that we hadn't seen for some time, so it was great.  My MIL also cooked -- and the heavens opened and angels came down and touched my tummy.
It.  Was.  Amazing.  Have you ever had a rice ball?  'Nuff said.

Okay, now on to being productive ...


  1. It's 1am in the morning here.
    I need to pack for my two week trip tomorrow but I have just got the internet on at home (finally!) so I can't help but check out what everyone else is up to.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one procrastinating just a little..

    Can't wait to see the jacket :)

  2. oooooooohhhhhhh...rice balls. soooooooo goooood. ;)

  3. mmmm rice balls!!!! They are so good with cheese cooked in and dipped in marinara...


  4. So jealous about the thrifting! The thrift stores where I live are literally to just give homeless people clothes to buy. There is nothing cute, and there is nothing that doesn't have holes and stains and grossness =/

    My mom and I have been dying to go to a consignment store to see what we can find =D hehehe

    And now I want a rice ball!

  5. You look SO CUTE!!! I just loveth the mustard cardigan on you, especially with those funky glasses :)