Saturday, October 3, 2009


I was VERY excited to meet up with a wonderful girl who was back in town for the night.  I had a NON-stop day of jobs and meetings and was, as per usual, flying around like a crazy lady.

In an attempt to get five minutes of sit-down time before dinner, I caught up on some blogs and changed into something a little more night-time fun.  You know, something I would never have the brass to wear in the daylight.  And of course, because I changed, I just HAD to get a couple outfit shots.

It's not exactly pushing outside the box with it's creativity, but I'm kind of a sucker for simplicity.  And not much more than a week after swearing off heels, I decided to be a rebel for a couple of hours, mainly because I knew I would be doing very little walking and a LOT of sitting.

10-2-09 3

I'm so in love with this blazer these days.  It's so comfortable and adds just enough structure to leggings and an over-sized tee.  While in NYC for the Weardrobe Conference, we went to Buffalo Exchange where they so graciously gave us each a tote bag with a BE American Apparel Deep V tee in each one.  I am in LOVE with this tee!  If you've read my blog for a while, you know my fondness for the AA Deep V.  And this one's 2 sizes bigger than I normally get, which makes it so soft, comfy, and drapey.  Love.  Love.  Love.

10-2-09 1

In an attempt to make it a little more night life, I added the heels.  These were also free from the Weardrobe Conference thanks to Lela Rose for Payless.  They're not exactly everyday shoes (I'm not gonna lie, they're a little high), but they're really pretty to look at and that's enough to earn them a couple of wears a year.  Plus, I love the electirc, almost purple, blue.  And because it was cold and rainy, I decided to go all out ridiculous and tucked my pants into the shoes.  When most girls in town are tucking their leggings into UGGS, I think I'm okay.

Or should I be thankful that my bottom half remained under a table all night?

Blazer: JCP, $30 - Tee: Courtesy of Buffalo Exchange - Watch: Courtesy of Nooka - Leggings: Target, $20 - Shoes: Courtesy of Lela Rose for Payless


  1. that blazer looks great! I love all your outfits

  2. The leggings and the shoes together,l tucked in such a way have some SERIOUS sass. If anything, I'm disappointed your legs were under a table all night, you should have been making EVERYBODY look at how badass you are.

  3. That blazer is gorgeous! I love the color.
    I can see why you are in love with it. :)


  4. Yup, this beats the Ugg combo any day...

  5. very cute and ballerina-ish... would love to see the heel on these. gorgeous color...

  6. I'm loving the tucked in look! And I shockingly have never been into an AA. I just don't get excited by anything they sell - but this got me excited! What's not to love about super soft oversized tees... I might have to make a trip to the nearest AA sometime in the near future. Loving the whole look!

  7. Wow I love your blazer :)
    That shoe colour if fabulous! I have dresses in that hue, that I would always wear when I need a pick me up or want to turn heads.
    Great outfit, great post!

  8. Such a cute outfit! Love the shoes.

  9. Didn't realize these were heels, I love them!

  10. You look great in this outfit!! (you always look great!) I love everything from your blazer to your fun shoes!! I love how you tied them around the leggings too... so adorable!


  11. Ack!!! This outfit is so awesome! You look great! Im jealous of your leggingability. Those shoes are so pretty!

  12. Fantastic outfit!!! A++++ It's so fashion forward and chic.