Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ok, so today's pictures aren't super great. I worked 9-5 and had a clothing swap (yippee!) to attend in the evening. Therefore, the picture-taking only got about 3 minutes of attention moments before is started down-pouring and while I had an egg on the stove. 'Nuff said.

However, I really liked my outfit, so I wanted to share.
(Side note: Some days I swear that I have the most non-photogenic hair. Is that possible?)

8-12-09 1

This skirt is yet another item rescued from the to-be-altered pile. I bought it at Ross for about $8 or $9 a couple of months ago. It was much longer with a fitted waist, but it was a smidge too big and hung a little too low. And to be honest, I just really wanted a poufy eyelet skirt. Well, now I have one. I even took step-by-step pictures that I'll put together in a DIY. Dust of those sewing machines, folks!

8-12-09 2

I kept the colors pretty muted with a grey tank (Target, $6) and my awesome thrifted belt ($1). I love the contrast of the sleevless jacket (Sears, $25) against the sugary sweet skirt and added even more of an edge with my snake skin flats (Madden Girl, $23). Gotta say, I was pretty happy with the results. (And trust that it really did look better in person.)

ALSO, have you guys noticed that I've been painting my nails lately? I've painted them more in the last 3 weeks than I have in the last 5 years (which would have been for my wedding and that's pretty much it). I've just never had the time or patience to sit around and let them dry. On top of that, my efforts were immediately ruined with the things I would get into at my old job. Blech!

Not only am I painting them and loving it, but I'm even playing with colors I've never tried before like this dark brown. It literally looks like hot fudge on my nails. At first, I wasn't sure if it was me, but once I finished, I was in love. Can't wait to get some more colors!


  1. There's that super chic belt again! Your skirt turned out nice, too. I am looking forward to seeing your DIY, since I just got a sewing machine :)

  2. Love your belt! Good find :)
    I also really enjoy your monochrome outfit, well done on the DIY. I have also recently found a love for painting my nails, but can only get into pale pinks & peaches at the moment.. so well done for your bravery! xx

  3. You look great today. I love dark brown nails (not that I ever have the patience to paint mine!). And I must wear my waistcoats (vests) more.

  4. I adore this outfit. The sleeveless jacket is just the coolest damn thing in the world, and have I told you yet that I'm in awe of your sewing skills? Maybe I need to put in a bid for a sewing machine this Christmas...

    Also, I just started to paint my nails too. I hadn't really done it regularly since junior high, but I love it now!! I desperately want some (affordable) matte polish, but don't have a clue where I could find it.

  5. I love to have my nails painted and I really love dark polishes!

  6. thats a great skirt! I love the outfit. I also think hair has a mind of its own. Sometimes it likes to rebel... i hate those days. lol

  7. You've inspired me... since I quit my soul-sucking retail job, why haven't I started painting my nails?! There is literally NO good reason not to be painting them.

    Also, that skirt is darling and EXACTLY the right length on you! It accents the knees and calves perfectly.

  8. Look at all you've been doing lately! Great alterations on that skirt! Can you come over and start on my pile?

  9. WoW! you look adorable. I love that jacket, I have always wanted to wear a jacket of that length but wasn't too sure if I could pull off. And you have excellent sewing skills, You sure are inspiring a lot of the readers to try their hands at it.