Friday, August 7, 2009


As promised, here is a compilation of all of my maxi dress looks from April until now. Check out all of the different ways you can style one comfy dress (or a few in my case) !

The most common comment I get from people when I wear a max is "I can't wear that. I'm not tall enough." That's just poppycock! I am only 5'3" and am certainly no waify twig. Just rock 'em, girls! Life's too short not to.


April 28 - Orange Maxi (Ross, $13), Pewter Gladiators (Ross, $9 or $10), H&M Scarf ($10)

orange 2

May 14 - Orange Maxi, Patent Tear Drop Sandals (Target, $17), Vintage Scarf (Nanny), Black Short Sleeve Cardi (Sears, $10)


May 28 - Gray Maxi Skirt (Target, ($20?), Pewter Gladiators, DIY Fringe Necklace, Flower Necklace (NY&Co., $8), White Tee (Target, $8), Vintage Wrangler Jean Jacket (Mom)

NYC balcony

June 6 - Orange Maxi, Pewter Gladiators, Vintage Leather Vest ($13), Fringe Scarf (H&M, $10)

teal tank 2

June 9 - Gray Maxi Skirt, Gold T-Strap Sandals (Kenneth Cole Reaction, $40ish, Teal Tank Top (Target, $6), Vintage Scarf as Belt (Mom), Assorted Bracelets


June 25 - Navy Blue Racer Back Dress (Ross, $10), Studded Snakeskin Sandals (Ross, $8), Teal Tank Top, Pewter Leather Belt (Gap Outlet, $5)

6-29-09 1

June 29 - Blue Maxi Dress (Ross, $13), Blue Tank Top (Target, $5), Gold T-Straps, Necklace (Target, $3)

6-29-09 2

June 29 - Same as above with added Seersucker Jacket (Target, $20)

7-3-09 1

July 3 - Re-working my Jr. Prom Dress (One Strap Vic. Secret, $?), Pewter Leather Belt, Studded Snakeskin Sandals, Safari Jacket (Thrifted, $2)

7-7-09 3

July 7 - Orange Maxi Dress, Vintage Wrangler Jean Jacket, White Cami (Target, $8), Pewter Gladiators, Trinket Necklace ($8)

7-9-09 1

July 9 - Navy Blue Racer Back Maxi Dress, Studded Snakeskin Sandals, White Cami, Pinstripe Vest (Target, $20)

7-23-09 3

July 23 - Navy Blue Racer Back Maxi Dress, Teal Tank Top, Pink Pinstripe Oxford (Gap, $11), Striped Belt (Target, $5), Bronze Flip Flops (Old Navy, $5)

7-24-09 pm3

July 24 - DIY Maxi Skirt converted from a dress (Charlotte Russe, $11), Black Drapey Tank ($3), Aerosole Black Wedges (Ross, $20)

8-4-09 1

August 4 - Orange Maxi Dree, Pewter Gladiators, Striped Top, folded under to appear cropped (H&M, $25), Tinket Necklace, Wooden Cuffs (Craft Store, $1 each)

Fourteen looks! While all of the dresses were bought this summer, many of the add-ons were already in my closet. Can you choose a favorite? Which is it?

P.S. I'm wearing look #15 today! Stay tuned...


  1. I like June 6, with the leather vest, and scarf over the orange maxi. Superb, my friend.

  2. I like them all. July 3rd is classic and I like July 9th (or I should say I like you in the photo with the sock-it-to-me attitude). And I like May 28th which I think you loved (we had lunch that day and you were struttin' it!). Way to go....all look unique and very fashionable.

  3. I can't pick favorites...of anything, really, but I LOVE the vest-over-maxi-dress look!!!

  4. Not white "toe" white Top. I can't spell lately.

  5. The grey maxi skirt with the white toe, fab necklace and top bum. BY FAR! I agree, I thought I'd look like ass in a maxi, but it is my favorite piece to wear.

  6. I've seen all of them, cause, i love your blog ;) but, i love seeing them again! and you're 5'3"? i am 5'3" as well! YAY for short girls! being short is sexy and cute :) i really do think so, and of course you can rock a maxi dress, heck yeah, i would if i had some too! i love mile long stuff, like wide leg pants and skirts, i still have to yet wear a maxi dress, but i will make one for myself one of these days, and wear it in your honor :)

    Gorgeous looks, all of them!

  7. wow, I never wouldve worn them so many different ways.
    style idol.

  8. I LOVE seeing all the way you've worn these!! Fabulous!

  9. I love them all, but my fave is July 3rd. You rock the maxi, missus!!

  10. I LOVE the orange dress! I NEED it!!

  11. Those all look great! I love my maxi dress, even though my husband calls it my "witch dress" (since it's so long and black). :0) Brava!

  12. I like them all but I love the first one the mostest! Yes MOSTEST!

  13. What a spectrum of style! You really rock the maxi and make me wish I had gotten a more neutral/versatile one this summer instead of one with a bold print.

  14. i love that grey maxi skirt!

    honestly, i do have a problem finding a great maxi because i'm only like a little below 5'2..but i think with a wedge sandal i'd be okay. i guess i just haven't found one that fits me right yet ;p

  15. look #3 and the last one with stripes, it's a tie.

  16. Awesome selection of all those maxi dresses!! I have nice maxi dress which for from Roamans last week...

  17. I knew you have remixed your maxis in a lot of ways but 14..thats a record. I love your orange maxi and all the ways you have worn it.

  18. Wow! Thanks for this compilation. It's simply inspirational. :) I have a maxi and looove re-mixing it. So fun!

  19. you sure know how to rock out the maxi! thanks for the inspiration!! i love the orange maxi and your look on may 14 x