Sunday, August 23, 2009


With the lack of shopping funds lately, I've been keeping a pretty solid thrifting list for the items I would like to update my fall wardrobe. As I go through all of my September issues, I mark anything that appeals to me and keep a running list with 3 categories: 1. things to look for at the thrift store 2. DIY projects and 3. new purchases (this is the smallest of the 3 lists).

This project is right off of list 1.

A navy blue schoolboy blazer was on the thrift list and I found this perfect, PERFECT vintage blazer at Goodwill last week for $4. It's really nice wool and completely lined. AND it fits like a dream - nice and tailored.

blazer before

But the look isn't quite what I was going for ... it needed a little update. An update that would require nothing more than switching out the buttons

Among the many things I inherited from Marnie, her assortment of collected buttons reigns as the MOST useful. When projects like this come along, I simply dump them all out on the floor and sift through them, one by one.

button pile

I found EXACTLY what I envisioned. Destiny? I think so. Here's the final look.

blazer after

A close-up of the front buttons (they actually match):

front button

A close-up of the cuff buttons (perfectly mismatched):

blazer cuffs

What do you think?


  1. love.
    finally, a way to use my buttons

  2. Fabulous idea - where did your inspiration come from? Turned out great!

  3. Me likey!! Changing buttons on jackets is the best way to make something look more expensive...not to mention more interesting.


  4. Omg! button porn! i've been meaning to buy a baggie of assorted buttons forever! and seeing all these buttons just made me get shaky and itchy to run and buy some haha.

    The jacket looks great and you gave it a totally different look by just changing the buttons on it, it looks so modern and's amazing what just changing small details like that can make a piece of clothing looks so different eh? Awesome job!

  5. Awesome touch! What a difference a few buttons can make :)

  6. It is great! I love how the buttons on the sleeves all have similar feels even though they don't match. :)

  7. the new buttons have really updated the jacket. like the assorted ones on the sleeves, and love the bright color of the front ones.
    cant wait to see how you remix the blazer in your outfits.

  8. WOW! So creative, and I LOVE the new buttons. I can't wait to see what you pair it with!

  9. I love it! those mismatched buttons on the sleeve are just perfect!

  10. Fabulous! I can totally see something like that being sold at Topshop for over $100.

  11. So awesome! The buttons change the whole look!!

  12. Holy cow it looks amazing! Great, great find and creativity on your part!! Can't wait to see how you wear it :D

  13. It looks great!...cute buttons!

  14. love the cuff buttons.. specially the ones that look like pennies !