Friday, July 31, 2009


Friday is my day "off," but I use the term loosely, because it really means that it is my day to fully devote to my own endeavors, and so I end up pretty busy anyway. Though I went to bed really, really late last night and I'm kind of sleepy and slow instead.

I realize this is a lot of photos, but aren't they cool? It rained almost all day, but as soon as it cleared up, I took advantage of the crisp and glossy woods the rain left behind.
Though now, I feel like I have bugs crawling on me. Ick.

7-31-09 1

Just look at the colors!

7-31-09 2

I realize I'm totally digging the cropped tops this weekend. Maybe I'm rebelling since I've been working in an office for so long. Since I didn't have to conduct any serious business today, I could be fun and airy, while keeping a little edge.

7-31-09 3

These are the same pants from Monday - the $7 TJ Maxx "ugly" pants that I converted into quasi-harems. They're so lounge-y and dreamy.

7-31-09 4

Today, I just topped them with a cut-off little boys tee from the craft store ($3), a super-wrapped belt (Gap Outlet, $5) and a stack of plastic bangles (grays, Claire's 3/$5 - white, vintage from my Marnie). And while a pair of crazy-killer platforms would look amazing with this, a.) I do not own any, b.) I can not afford any, and c.) it's just not realistic for my lifestyle. So, the next best thing is a pair of studded snake skin sandals (Ross, $9). These may be my favorite purchase of the summer.

7-31-09 5

Since quitting my job, I have also quit shopping. Like, completely. Cold. Turkey. But today I caved a little and went to Goodwill. Friday is 50% off day. Do you know what 50% off Goodwill clearance is? Fourteen and a half cents. But they round up. I got 2 belts and a Limited shirt for $2.24. I feel better now.

While there, I witnessed the most ridiculous Goodwill debacle. The women in front of me wanted to return a blender, but when she got to the register, the clerk informed her that she was no longer allowed to return any items to Goodwill, because apparently, she returned a bicycle that she did not buy there. What is wrong with people? It takes all kinds I guess...

Have a great weekend all!


  1. i love your outfit
    and how unconventionally thrifty you are

  2. Glorious colors! And I've been loving the fun cropped tops!!

  3. You look gorgeous! as usual :)
    Let me tell you, you have gorgeous skin, your face always looks so smooth, love it. I wish my skin looked that good!

  4. If I could, I'd be all about crop tops. But, that ship has sailed (3 large full term babies....probably TMI)

  5. You look great in cropped tops! I would look awful!

  6. cute outfit! I love that color blue, I have one like from UO ;)

  7. Very pretty, that blue is such a good color for you. I haven't been brave enough to try the whole harem pant thing yet, but they sure look great on you!

  8. Pops of color! I love!!!!

    P.S. I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award on my blog today! Check it out.

  9. Oh man, i just typed a really long comment and it got deleted! Stink. Just wanted to say I discovered your blog today and think its great. Also, that Ross racer back maxi dress.. do you know anyone that would ship that to New Zealand for me?? I know its cheeky to ask, but its exactly the thing I want, and I can't seem to get my hands on anything like it over here!! haha.