Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I just now thought of who I'm subconsciously channeling today --- Gwen Stefani! Weird.

7-28-09 2

I went much more laid back and funky today since I didn't really have to be presentable to anyone besides my dog. I just ran some errands, went to the farmers market and worked from home. When I needed a little more coverage, I just threw my vintage jean jacket over it.

7-28-09 3

I have had these pants for a few years now and have always desperately loved them. You can get the full story on them (and they're ridiculous bagginess) here.

7-28-09 4

Continuing the new obsession of free time for DIY, I took the scissors to an old pappy shirt that was used as a painting shirt. It had every single color from our house splattered on the bottom. So, I hacked 'em all off! The earrings and cuff (Claire's, $.50 and $5) added just enough funk to keep it from feeling too sloppy and everything is (literally) held together with a metallic print skinny belt from Charlotte Russe ($8). Next time, maybe I can pair them with my fuzzy blue bikini top...


  1. Love your outfit here. Love how you paired it :P


  2. God Made Me fuNkyJuly 28, 2009 at 10:44 PM

    You look fab! I loved the pants the first time you posted them on the blog and love them here too with more casual styling.

  3. your lucky you can work the cut top so well

  4. Oh, I love the simple funkiness you've got going on here! Gwen Stefani's style, especially in the days of No Doubt and blue hair, was a force to be reckoned with!!

  5. i LOVE those pants! totally funky!! love the belt and cropped tank too! this is a super cute look on you!

  6. You look so awesome! and you have no idea how lucky you are to not have any kids yet lol. You're ROCKING that cut off top, it looks so awesome on you, and those pants are gorgeous!

    You always look so unbelievably good!

  7. These pants look great on you!

  8. Those pants are really great! They accentuate your tiny waist! And they make your legs look like they go on for years.
    Work it!

  9. Look at that tiny waist! I also love Rock Steady ;)

  10. I'm completely jealous of the flat tummy. Great outfit!

  11. Since I saw this I've been scouring my closet to find some highwaisted pants that go past my belly button (not sure I wanna display that...too 1997?). I do have a pair but they are on my mend pile...booo.... I'll punk this look soon though cause it's awesome!