Friday, July 3, 2009


If you've been reading my blog for a while now and you've got great attention to detail, then you may recognize this dress. I'll give you a dollar if you do.

7-3-09 1

It's such a sleek shape (my husband says it "fits like a glove") and paired with studded snake skin sandals (Ross, $9) and a roughed up safari jacket (thrifted, $2) it takes on an edgy bohemian vibe. Totally diggin' it.

7-30-09 2

The dress is actually a one-shouldered number, which gives it a really cool looking neckline under the jacket. The pink strap is actually my bra (I cheated and wore a regular bra since I knew the jacket wasn't coming off).

7-30-09 3

I'm soooo glad it's Friday. Ready for some WNTW and a relaxing holiday weekend. I'm running in the Firecracker 4K in the morning and doing a lotta grillin' in the afternoon.

Yay for the sunshine that's (FINALLY) coming our way!

Did you figure it out? It's my junior prom dress!


  1. You look smoldering in the first picture! Nice remixing of the dress!

  2. What a lovely lbd! And I love the way you've edged it up! You look fab, sista!

  3. Holy cheekbones! You can cut glass with those things!
    That dress is hot! Isn't it funny how things come and go like that in fashion?
    P>S. Nice bra

  4. Good luck in your race! Love your one shoulder dress. I don't own one....yet LOL!

  5. I'm disappointed in myself that I totally didn't recognize it... Way to style it up in an unprom and fabulously casual way!

  6. That last picture is just so beautiful...with the sky and's just really great.
    Love that dress too and how you paired it up! Can't wait to see the dress solo too.

  7. great pics and perfect way to wear this!

  8. I love this! The elegant dress is a great contrast to the rugged jacket.

    And I agree with KDot--that first picture is SESSIE!

  9. Wow! Way to reuse and recycle. I love how you've turned a formal dress into an everyday maxi. If only I could figure out to do with all my prom/bridesmaid dresses. :P

  10. I love everything about this outfit! that dress is so pretty, you look gorgeous as usual! :)