Friday, May 15, 2009


denim and scarf

denim and scarf 2

Finally! A GORGEOUS day!

Today's outfit is sort of a "best of" album, but of clothes from this week. I'm already remixing the denim skirt from Monday (Nine West via Ross, $20), because when I find something I love, I wear it. Over. And over. And over, again. This time, I changed it up with a tank (Target, $6) and, what else, a scarf (H&M last year, $10). I love that the tank almost gives it more of a dress feel.

I finished the look with the COOLEST shoes that I scored at Ross the other day. Steve Madden. $16!
They're like the love child of a gladiator sandal and an ankle bootie. Love. Them. In fact, I love them SO much, I bought 2 pairs. That's not true. The first pair were a tad too big, which I didn't realize until I wore them, so I went back and got a smaller size. SOOOOO, if anyone else just LOVES them as much as I do and happens to wear a size 8, drop me an email and let's make a deal.

Notice the change of scenery the last couple of days? I've been taking my little show on the road. I was boring myself to tears with the same old photo spots, and now that the weather is nice, it's more fun to scout out locations. So, I've decided that I don't care if I'm the weird girl taking pictures of herself in the park. I'm doing it anyway.

Iggy had to get in on this one, since he went to work with me today.
Is he stealing my thunder or what?


  1. Awww, Iggy's so cute! And I love the way you're rocking the red lips today. It perfectly compliments the colors and style of this outfit!

  2. Great shoes! You are so lucky that you get to take your beautiful dog to work with you!

  3. Iggy is stealing your thunder. A different pose in each picture :D Love the whole look, casual and fashionable!

  4. Truly fashion on the go. Hee hee!

    Love your look! I'm totally digging the scarf looks- they're a great way to dress up an otherwise simple top. Also, your pup is *adorable*! He makes a fabulous accessory!

  5. I wish I wore an 8, 11 1/2 here. I'm now sad! I love your dog! I have a german shepard! And your look is awesome! You should let me take that skirt off your hands so you can wear something else :)

  6. lookin good lady! love the skirt, especially with the tucked in tank- now i'm on the lookout for something similar. love the hair too!

  7. First I really thought you were wearing a dress, but when I read your text...I saw it's a top & skirt! I totally get the dress feeling.

    I love your change of the background. I wanna do that myself too, but too bad...who's gonna make my pic?

    Your dog Iggy, is waaayyyyy to cute!


  8. This is SO cute!!! I LOVE this look! And your dog!! hahaha