Monday, March 2, 2009



Do you believe in soulmates? How about solemates? I do. After admiring all of this season's oh-so-beautiful and oh-so-comfortable flat riding boots, I had finally conceded to the fact that I was just never going to find a pair that would fit me. I've tried time and time again, trying on every pair of knee-high flat boots I come across, but to no avail. My legs are not only short (petite boots, anyone?) but they are rather curvy. No bird legs on this girl, and that's okay because they do a pretty good job of getting from point A to point B (this mindset has been almost 3 decades in the making). But, can't a short-stemmed, curvy girl get some boot-lovin'?!

Then, at last ... there they were when I was least expecting! When I had finally stopped looking! And, what's this? They're 80% off? There is a god! One successful try-on and $16 later, we lived happily ever after.

Isn't that a great story? You have warm fuzzies, don't you? As you can see, I got new boots and they are just divine. Hope you like them, because every outfit for the rest of the week will be built around them. Today, I pulled out a vintage dress I bought almost a year ago. I hemmed it and then never wore it until today. I don't know why, either, because I think it's pretty cute. It's layered over a $10 Bitten by SJP button-down and hue tights. The bangles are from Claire's (3 for $5) and my mom made the earrings. The belt, which has a snake skin printed buckle that doesn't show up very well in the pictures, is yet another from my mom's closet - I almost feel like I should stop making them look so cute for fear she'll ask for them back!

It's cold as can be today (luckily I have new boots), but at least it's not snowing! For once, we've been spared...


  1. Those boots are fab!! where did you get them???

  2. I have the exact same problem! I had given up all hope of being able to wear boots for the rest of my life! Thank you so much!