Saturday, March 21, 2009



I'm so glad this week is over. It started Monday morning at 7:30am and didn't end until last night at 10pm. Way too many 12-hour days for a non-doctor. Bleh...

Anyway, I made it to Friday and this is what I wore. It was an extremely chocked full day of finishing projects at job #1, followed by a three hour meeting about 30 minutes away for job #2, so comfort was key.

In my quest for a pair of uber-comfy spring/summer shoes, I came across these Keds. This month's issue of Lucky had a feature on old school canvas tennies and I was super excited at the prospect of reasonably wearable stylish shoes. However, canvas shoes and I do NOT get along. I may as well strap pirahnahs to my feet, because that's what canvas does to me. So, you can imagine how stoked I was to find these perforated suede Keds on Zappos. And even better? They're this really cool, subtle gold color. SWEEEET! I loved them, but they were $50 and Zappos rarely has sales on current styles like this. I was so desperate for comfort, though, that I figured I would eventually get them anyway.

But, since I always think twice before paying full price (that's right, I rhymed), I used my good friend Froogle to scout out all of the possibilities. I simply searched for "perforated Keds" and to my sheer delight, had the EXACT same pair on clearance for $26! AND they still offer free shipping and returns. Huzzah! So, seeing as how they only had ONE pair left in MY size, I totally jumped all over them. It was truly meant to be. I love it when that happens.

So, they came on Thursday and I immediately busted them out for wear on Friday. Just a side note, if you ever get a pair of Keds and they don't feel quite right, their insoles come out very easily. Once replaced with my own Dr. Scholl's for my annoyingly geriatric feet, it made ALL the difference and they fit like a dream. Now, I just can't wait for them to get all worn in and buttery soft.

The rest of the outfit is pretty simple. My husband thought the shoes were so cool and said I looked like a 70's mod girl (*blushing*), which then led to a conversation of when mod existed. And then, he told me not to quote him on my blog. Oops...

Anyway, black Converse skinnies from Target ($27), Bitten by SJP gray button down ($10), scarf from my mom, brought back from Germany when I was in middle school. And... more big hair.

If you read all that, thanks for hanging in there and have a stupendous weekend!


  1. I agree! I'm not near a H&M, F21, UO, etc but still manage to dress decent! LOL.

    I think the pics are working now - check back!

    You are adorable btw! I'll be coming back to your blog soon!

  2. It's looks like we were both right. You thought 60's, which is when it started. I thought 70's, thinking of the revival. Sorry, I blame Quadrophenia. For more info, see

  3. Hi there! I just love your website! Is it okay if I link you up? =)

    hope you could visit my site too. just like you I love dressing up.

  4. i dont have HM either but i do have f21 and let me tell you its addictive and i rarely go in because i tend to come out with waaaaaaaaaay more than i thought i was going in there for! i do some catalog buying but mostly i go to thrift stores and that works for me fine! (well, i think so!)