Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Winter is falling from the sky once again today. Boo... So, just trying to keep warm and comfy while counting down the days until spring.

I'm having a love-hate relationship with my skirt today. Love it when I'm standing ... still, that is. Hating that it seems to be made for someone with a lot less curvy action in the skirt area. Last night, I chopped about 7" off the hem and may have gone too far. This is why friends don't let friends hem clothing after 11pm. Measure twice, cut once. Measure twice, cut once. And then, walk around in it before cutting once. Oh, well. I suppose it works with super dark tights.

The best part is that this is the third time I've owned this skirt. I first bought it in white when I worked at the Gap in Santa Monica. Then, I hemmed it. Then, I physically grew out of it. Next, I bought the same Gap skirt in dark blue at Plato's Closet. Then, I hemmed it. Then, I bleached the crap out of it. Then, I mentally grew out of it. This time, I bought it in yet another size for $10 at a second-hand store. Then, I hemmed it. Then, ... well, you get it...

Anyway, check out my awesome jewelry:

These are my 2 most special pieces - made by my mom with turquoise that we bought in New Mexico en route to Los Angeles when I was in college. Love, love, love them!

As far as the rest, AA tee, Target sweater (gift), Kohl's boots ($27), HUE tights and the Gap skirt from hell.

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  1. Hi,
    I just stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed seeing your outfits. I really like the way you pull looks together - I've been in a bit of a rut lately so this has definitely been inspiring. Also, I too used to work at the Gap in Santa Monica... small world! Anyway, I've bookmarked your blog and will definitely be coming back.